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2 List of Free Domain and Hosting Forever Latest 2017 - Previous Sedetik have provided information about 6 Best free file hosting services And now will share information about hosting services as well but for the purposes of creating a Website or Blog that can use WordPress or known as free Self Hosted WordPress. There are two domain and hosting service providers that are discussed because both provide free hosting with high specification with the active period of forever.

This Indonesian-owned service provider provides high-quality hosting services at low prices. In addition to hosting, Mitra Hosting also provides VPS and domain services. Mitra Hosting  providers have been trusted by several institutions in Indonesia such as AMIK Harapan Bangsa Surakarta, Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama (UNU) Surakarta, Wahana Wisata Bukit Sekipan Tawangmangu, SMA Islam Terpadu (SMAIT) Nur Hidayah Surakarta, PDAM Tirta Makmur Sukoharjo, Governor Service, and Surakarta City Government.

For hosting packages and domains, there are 4 kinds of free, personal, business, and corporate packages. Here's an overview of the 3 packages (personal, business and coporate), for free packages will be discussed later:

Rp. 30.000/bln
Rp. 45.000/bln
Rp. 75.000/bln
2 GB Disk Space
4 GB Disk Space
8 GB Disk Space
Gratis Sertifikat SSL
Gratis Sertifikat SSL
Gratis Sertifikat SSL
Bandwidth Bulanan: Unlimited 
Bandwidth Bulanan: Unlimited 
Bandwidth Bulanan: Unlimited 
Akun FTP: Unlimited
Akun FTP: Unlimited
Akun FTP: Unlimited
Akun Email: Unlimited
Akun Email: Unlimited
Akun Email: Unlimited
MySQL Database: Unlimited
MySQL Database: Unlimited
MySQL Database: Unlimited
Add On Domains: Unlimited
Add On Domains: Unlimited
Add On Domains: Unlimited
Minimum Kontrak 1 bulan
Minimum Kontrak 1 bulan
Minimum Kontrak 1 bulan


Service providers owned by foreigners (not Indonesia) provides hosting services with high specifications also at competitive rates. This service supports and prioritizes the use of WordPress and Joomla CMS and is trusted by several institutions such as Univercity Of Notre Dame, Children's Hospital Boston, and Barnes & Noble Book Sellers.

For hosting packages and domain there are 4 kinds of free, mini, standard, and busines. Here is an overview of the 3 packages (mini, standard, and busines), for free packages will be discussed later:
20 GB Disk Space
20 GB Disk Space
20 GB Disk Space
Gratis Sertifikat SSL
Gratis Sertifikat SSL
Gratis Sertifikat SSL
Bandwidth Bulanan: Unlimited 
Bandwidth Bulanan: Unlimited 
Bandwidth Bulanan: Unlimited 
Akun FTP: Unlimited
Akun FTP: Unlimited
Akun FTP: Unlimited
Akun Email: Unlimited
Akun Email: Unlimited
Akun Email: Unlimited
MySQL Database: Unlimited
MySQL Database: Unlimited
MySQL Database: Unlimited
Add On Domains: Unlimited
Add On Domains: Unlimited
Add On Domains: Unlimited
Tersedia sejenis Softculous
Tersedia sejenis Softculous
Tersedia sejenis Softculous
Minimum Kontrak 1 bulan
Minimum Kontrak 1 bulan
Minimum Kontrak 1 bulan

*Significant differences exist in the service such as available 24 hours of online chat or not, there is DNS support or not. You can see the difference on the official website.

Mitra Hosting VS CloudAccess
It will now be discussed for free / free packages for both these hosting and domain hosting providers. Here's a comparison table:
Mitra Hosting
512 MB Disk Space
500 MB Disk Space
Gratis Domain:.CF, .GA, .GQ, .ML, dan .TK
Gratis,, dan
Bandwidth Bulanan: 1 GB
Bandwidth Bulanan: (belum diketahui)
Akun FTP: 2 Akuun
Akun FTP: (belum diketahui)
Akun Email: 2 Akun
Akun Email: (belum diketahui)
MySQL Database: 2 Database
MySQL Database: (belum diketahui)
Add On Domains: 2
Add On Domains: (belum diketahui)
Tersedia sejenis Softculous
Gratis Selamanya
Gratis Selamanya*

* Here is an explanation that the Smart Zone quotes directly from Fadillahrsa's article:
Although this hosting is free hosting forever, but there are some provisions that must follow. Free hosting will run forever as long as you update your hosting usage status. Way, go to CCP Home page at least 30 days once to click "Renew" button. Otherwise, the free hosting of Companions will automatically be deleted. But just be quiet, Sahabat will be notified by email when the hosting account will expire. That is, this CloudAccess hosting provides free hosting packages forever.
Why do I have to "renew" everything, is it complicated?
Certainly there is a reason CloudAccess implements this system, the most logical reason is "to clean CloudAccess servers from inactive garbage blogs again. So other users can enjoy it too.

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Gambar 1. Mitra Hosting
Gambar 1. Mitra Hosting

Gambar 2. CloudAccess
Gambar 2. CloudAccess

So that's the two hosting and domain service providers that provide free packages with high specifications.

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How To Track Lost HP Xiaomi Locations or Stolen Until Meet - Previous Intelligent Zones have been discussed about "Here's how to find the missing iPhone", Now discusses how to track or locate lost or stolen HP Xiaomi locations. There are a few conditions that must be owned or done by smartphone users Xiaomi that has a Mi Cloud account and enable Find Device feature on the old smartphone (the missing). Of course it is done before the smartphone is lost or stolen, therefore after buying a smartphone Xiaomi users should create an account and enable this feature. If not, then Do it now before anything happens to the smartphone.

How is the Tracking Concept So that HP Xiaomi Can Be Found?
Find Device feature is a feature that allows to know the location of the smartphone and store the location in the user's Mi Clound account. So if something happens or loses, then the user just goes in / logs in to Mi Cloud account and sees where the last recorded location in Mi Cloud records Or knows the current condition (if HP Xiaomi is active along with the Find Device feature).

How To Track Location of HP Xiaomi?
How to track the location of HP Xiaomi can be done easily, which can use a PC or smartphone Xiaomi or a smartphone other than Xiaomi. Please follow the steps below:
  1. Visit the Mi Cloud address ie And log in or log in using the Mi Cloud account.
    Gambar 1. Masuk ke Mi Cloud
    Picture 1. Sign in to Mi Cloud
  2. If it is successful, select the menu "Find Device".
    Gambar 2. Pilih Find Device
    Figure 2. Select Find Device.

  3. Next, choose the smartphone you want to track.
    Gambar 3. Pilih smartphone
    Figure 3. Select smartphone.
  4. Click "Locate Device" (if the smartphone is still alive), then the location will be tracked.
    Gambar 4. Klik Locate Device.
    Figure 4. Click Locate Device.
  5. Wait for the process to display the location of the smartphone.
  6. After getting the location, please approach or visit the location. Then click "Noise Mode" then the smartphone will automatically sound / sound even in a state of silent.
    Gambar 5. Klik Noise
    Figure 5. Click Noise.
Gambar 6. Klik Noise lagi
Figure 6. Click Noise again.
Gambar 7.  Klik "Ketuk Oke untuk heningkan" jika smartphonenya sudah ditemukan.
Figure 7. Click "Tap Okay to silence" if the smartphone has been found.

  1. If the smartphone is not found (maybe the sound is stopped by the thief), the user can lock the smartphone by clicking "Lost Mode".
    Gambar 8. Klik Lost mode.
    Figure 8. Click Lost mode.
  2. Click "Enable lost mode".
    Gambar 9. Klik enable lost mode.
    Figure 9. Click enable lost mode.
  3. Click "Lock".
    Gambar 10. Klik Lock.
    Figure 10. Click Lock.
  4. When the smartphone is found, then open the smartphone using a pre-made password (Mi Cloud account).
    Figure 11. The display on the Xiaomi smartphone is missing.
Gambar 12. Masukkan kata sandi akun Mi Cloud untuk membuka smartphone.
Figure 12. Enter your Mi Cloud account password to unlock your smartphone.
In addition:
  1. If the smartphone is not found as well and the user is afraid of the data being stolen or misused, then the user can delete the data remotely.
  2. Click "Wipe device".
    Gambar13. Klik Wipe device.
    Figure 13. Click Wipe device.
  3. Click "Wipe".
    Gambar 14. Klik Wipe.
    Figure 14. Click Wipe.

Last Addition:
Users can deliver messages to the thieves / inventors of lost smartphones by craving words while performing smartphone locks.
Gambar 15. Klik Set words.
Figure 15. Click Set words.
Gambar 16. Isi kata-kata dan nomor hp yang bisa dihubungi si penemu smartphone.

Figure 16. The contents of words and phone numbers that can be contacted the inventor of the smartphone.
Source by Zonacerdas.

How to Enable the Find Device Feature in HP Xiaomi - Continuing the discussion on Xiaomi smartphones, this article discusses how to enable the Find Device feature / feature. In the previous article is already below how to create a Mi Cloud account that will be required to enable the Find Device feature. Please read the article "How to Create a Complete Xiaomi Mi Cloud Account with Images".

How to Enable Find Device Feature?
Previously users already have a Mi Cloud account and have logged in / logged-in using the account. If so, follow steps below:
  1. Go to the "Settings" menu.
    Gambar 1. Buka menu Setelan
    Figure 1. Go to the Settings menu
  2. Scroll down and select "Account Mi".
    Gambar 2. Pilih Akun Mi
    Figure 2. Select Account Mi
  3. Then click "Mi Cloud".
    Gambar 3. Klik Mi Cloud
    Figure 3. Click Mi Cloud
  4. Scroll down and select and click the active icon "Search device" so that it turns into color.
    Gambar 4. Klik tombol on/off Cari perangkat.
    Figure 4. Click on / off the Search device button.

  5. If there is a notification / message, click "OK".

    Gambar 5. Klik Oke
    Figure 5. Click OK
  6. Next visit through a web browser.
    Gambar 6. Tanda Fitur sudah aktif

    Figure 6. Feature mark is active

    Gambar 7.  Kunjungi alamat micloud
    Figure 7. Visit the micloud address
  7. Sign in using Mi Cloud account, click "Sign in with Mi Account".
    Gambar 8. Klik Sign in with Mi Account
    Figure 8. Click Sign in with Mi Account
  8. Sign in email and password and click "Sign in" to continue.
    Gambar 9. Masukkan email dan password
    Figure 9. Enter the email and password

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  9. Select the "Find device" menu.
    Gambar 10. Klik Find device
    Figure 10. Click on Find device
  10. Select the connected Xiaomi smartphone.
    Gambar 11. Pilih smartphone.
    Figure 11. Select a smartphone.
  11. Wait a moment to get the current smartphone location. After the location appears, the Find Device feature is working correctly.
    Gambar 12. Hasil Find Device.
    Figure 12. Find Device Results.
Source by Zonacerdas.

How to Create a Complete Xiaomi Mi Cloud Account with Images - Xiaomi Smartphone now has many users especially in Indonesia and various types / series Xiaomi circulating in Indonesia such as Redmi Series and Mi Series. Party Xiaomi itself has been providing facilities / features Mi Cloud with various benefits that can be obtained by loyal users Xiaomi. Mi Cloud feature is available for all series of Xiaomi products.

What are the Benefits of the Mi Cloud Account?
There are several benefits to be gained if Xiaomi users create and enable Mi Cloud features, here's an explanation:

Gambar 1. Fitur - fitur akun Mi Cloud
Figure 1. Mi Cloud account features (source: Blog Review)

Saving Data
Enabling Mi Cloud will give users the ability to store all data (files, pictures, contacts, notes, videos, audio and messages) on Xiaomi servers (such as google drive and dropbox). The storage capacity provided is quite large ie 5 GB and this is enough to store some user data.

Data Sync
Once user data is stored on the Xioami server, users can view and download the data. In addition, there is also a synchronization feature that serves to check and equate what is in the smartphone with what is in Xiaomi server. If one day the data on the smartphone is lost, then the user can re-synchronize so that the lost data is replaced with existing data on Xiaomi server.

Tracking Device (Find Device)
In addition to saving the data, Mi Cloud account can also be used to save the smartphone itself. The Find Device feature will be the solution when the user's smartphone is stolen or lost. Find Device will save the location of the smartphone so it can track the whereabouts of the smartphone.
What's the Weakness of Mi Cloud Accounts?
Many Xiaomi users do not activate the Mi Cloud account by reason of the large number of battery usage and data packets. For that, if the user already has a Mi Cloud account then you should enable it if you are using a wireless connection. Users can disable it by signing out of the account and if you want to sync or upload data, users can log-in again.

How to Create a Cloud Xiaomi Mi Account?
There are several steps taken to create this account but the user must set up some things: phone number and email (if any). Users can create this account in two ways: via smartphone and via web / PC.

Via PC / Web
Users can create a Mi Cloud account via an address

Through Xiaomi Smartphone
Here are the steps to create a Mi Cloud account (tested Redmi 4A):
  1. Go to the Settings menu.

    Gambar 2. Pilih Setelan
    Figure 2. Select Settings
  2. Scroll down to find the "Account" menu and select "Account Mi".

    Gambar 3. Pilih Akun Mi
    Figure 3. Select Account Mi
  3. Click the "Create account" button.

    Gambar 4. Pilih Buat Akun
    Figure 4. Select Create Account
  4. Select Methods to create a Mi Cloud account (example: via email), then choose "Use email address".

    Gambar 5. Pilih Gunakan alamat email
    Figure 5. Select Use email address
  5. Enter new email address and password for Mi Cloud account.

    Gambar 6. Isi email dan password
    Figure 6. Fill in email and password
  6. Then click the "Create an account" button.

    Gambar 7. Pilih Buat akun
    Figure 7. Select Create account

  7. Enter the captcha code according to the displayed image and press "OK" button.

    Gambar 8. Masukkan Kode Capcha
    Figure 8. Enter Captcha Code
  8. There will be a new message going into the email used during the list, open the email to verify.

    GAmbar 9. Buka email verifikasi
    Figure 9. Open the verification email
  9. Click the "Activate account" button.

    Gambar 10. Klik Aktivasi akun
    Figure 10. Click Activate account
  10. Choose one of the web browsers, for example Chrome.

    Gambar 11. Pilih salah satu webbrowser
    Figure 11. Select a web browser
  11. It will display the Mi Cloud account view.

    Gambar 12. Hasil verfikasi
    Figure 12. Verification results
  12. Go back to the account settings, and click the "Verified account" button.

    Gambar13. Klik Akun terverifikasi
    Figure 13. Click Verified account
  13. Then the Mi Cloud account is successfully created and click "Finish" button.

    Gambar 14. Klik Selesai
    Figure 14. Click Done
  14. Users can make settings to choose which features to use, for example just select "Find device (Find Device)" and click "Continue".

    Gambar 15. Settingan
    Figure 15. Settling
  15. Because selecting device search feature then must verify the number, then click "Verfication" button.

    Gambar 16. Klik Verifikasi
    Figure 16. Click Verify
  16. Select "Allow" to permit Mi Cloud to read the message.

    Gambar 17. Klik Izinkan
    Figure 17. Click Allow
  17. Click "OK" on the message from Mi Cloud.

    Figure 18. Click OK
  18. Because you have not entered the phone number / device then can not activate this feature, please enter the number and verify to activate it.

If the user wants to quit or want to change the account Mi Cloud can sign-out via "Exit" button as shown below:

Gambar 19. Klik Keluar
Figure 19. Click Exit

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Getting to Know More About WannaCry Ransomware Virus - News about WannaCry virus continues to this day whether it is in social media maunpun media. Previous Intelligent Zone has posted an article about Ransomeware WannaCry virus on "Introduce New Virus Ransomware WannaCry". The article is about the first news of this virus, the government's enthusiasm for WannaCry virus attacks, and the definition and workings of Ransomware virus that has caused a new type of malware that is WannayCry. Indeed from various information mentioned that the virus Ransomware WannaCry began to spread on Friday, May 12, 2017 and the victims of several hospitals located in the city of Jakarta.

As time went on, WannaCry development also continues to grow until now there are so many different WannaCry samples especially the 2.0 version. Because it is so dangerous this virus and disturbing the sharing of the country so many experts / computer security actors try to parse the program code of this virus. One of them is a fairly young IT workers managed to parse the virus program Ransomeware WannaCry so find the program part of the main rare virus to to infect the victim.

Figure 1. Stack of books (illustrations) (Source: Hadsec)

The found part is known as Kill-Switch which is a condition the program will run (infect) if the condition is met and if not fulfilled then the program will not run. (Can read the article "Here's The Latest Developments Of WannaCry Ransomware Virus, There's Latest Version" For full explanation).

WannaCry virus also has various sample or variant manmages such as WannaCry, WannaCrypt, WannaCryptor 2.0, and WannaDecryptor.

WannaCry Virus History
Some information says WannaCry is a hacker program code created by Equation Group. Equation Group is a company that works for NSA (National Security Act) USA.

This hacker program code resides in the NSA, but it turns out the program code was stolen by hackers who then use it for blackmail as it is today.

This program code utilizes the vulnerability vulnerability of a particular computer operating system Windows through SMB protocol (Server Message Block). Apparently, this gap has been known since the former with the title EternalBlue. Seeing this loophole, Microsoft Windows has released an update for security on March 14, 2017 which is named Patch MS17-010. The update is intended for Windows Vista operating system and above, while for Windows XP, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2003 newly released again on May 13.

Currently there is also no one reported that operating systems other than Windows such as linux, affected by the virus WannaCry. So many popping up that linux can not be infected with WannaCry virus.

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As described in the previous article, the WannaCry virus is distributed via email. A message that is sent in bulk with content / content in the form of links or file attachments. The contents of the message are made in such a way that the victim is made interested to read, open and download (if the file attachment form). If WannaCry succeeds in infecting victim's computer, then WannaCry virus also tries to infect other computers by deploying through port TCP 445.

Many of the effects caused by WannaCry virus is like:
  • Destruction, is felt because this virus locks the data along with the victim's computer.
  • Extortion, is based on the accusation of the perpetrator who requests a ransom to the victim.
  • Deployment, based on the effects of news or the spread of the WannaCry virus create anxiety and fear in various countries.
WannaCry as one type of Ransomware virus is the latest but the concept is the same as its predecessor (previous). There are several cases that prove that the technique / concept of WnnaCry virus also existed in ancient times, namely:
  • In the 1980s, there was a case of a virus diskette during an international AIDS conference by the World Health Organization. The name of the virus is 1989 AIDS Trojan. The virus is spread by someone who attended the conference. The information inside the floppy was intentionally locked with a virus and turned out to ask for a ransom of USD 189.
  • In 2006 there was an actor who used asymmetric RSA encryption that gave Archiveus Trojan his work technique to lock anything in the My Documents folder and needed a 30 digit password to open it.
  • In 2005-2006, Trojan GPcode also appeared which pretended to be an application for something work. This Trojan is deployed via email and this trojan uses RSA 660-bit public keys. After this virus appears, a few years later reappear the virus but using RSA 1024-bit public key.
  • Year 2006 appeared again a kind of predecessor virus known as Cryzip with the technique of compressing the file / data into the form of .zip given password and data / original file deleted.
  • Until 2017 the new virus appears WannaCry.
Source by Zonacerdas.