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10 free video editing software for MAC - To do Video editing is not limited to filmmakers anymore and people from diverse backgrounds can start making videos, short movies, presentations, and advertisements. Today, people are connected to each other through social networking sites and millions of people spend too much time watching online videos. Why do so many youtubers, bloggers, artists and others want to showcase their work through popular channels and they need a high quality video editing tool that can improve their recording quality and add more value to it.
10 software edit video gratis untuk MAC

No need to spend so much money or take help from any professional to do so because here we will provide information about some of the most popular and most recommended Premium Video Editor apps for Mac.

Free Video Editing Software for Mac
1. iMovie

iMovie Is a new inbuilt basic inbuilt video editing software for Mac OS X and is well-liked for small projects. This free video editor provides many facilities such as movie trailers, audio modifications, facial recognition, theme support, easy to use one step effect and more. You can transfer your videos to your iPhone or iPad and even share them on YouTube. However, some people may find marching those pictures a bit difficult.

2. Avidemux

Avidemux Is a free video editing tool available for Mac OS X under the GNU GPL license. This software allows users to edit, filter or encode easily and supports a variety of audio, video and image formats such as MP4, AVI, JPG, ASF, AC3, MOV, AAC and DVD MPEG files consistently. It uses various codecs and offers automated tasks, despite the powerful skill of scripting, projects, and job queues.

3. Blender

Blender Is one of the most popular video editing software for Mac that comes for free. Powerful 3D graphics applications are versatile and can be used to create animated movies, modeling, video games, compositing and have the ability to produce high-end visual effects. Blender offers many useful features like node based materials, high quality animation tools, 3D Max studio, Cinema 4D, Python for scripting included and more.

4. Movavi

This one software is perfect for new Mac users in the field of video editing because this free software has a simple and easy-to-understand layout. Movavi allows effective video editing without consuming much time and effort. You can only import videos and pictures, split them into different sections, rotate frames to adjust the volume, choose from multiple animated transitions, adjust the brightness and color saturation manually or let the tool automatically add creative titles and music and launch your videos .

5. Kdenlive

Although more well-known compatibility with Linux, but works well with Macs as well. You can download this free, stable and powerful video editing coat from Macports. It is a non-linear video editor that supports recording of various devices. A clean and responsive workplace that allows newcomers to show their creativity without any hassle. You can not only easily monitor, but also switch between individual clips and entire fast production.

6. Hyper Engine-AV

It's a light and simple free video editing. Mac users can take advantage of this tool to edit, process and export video, audio and text to create high-quality movies and slideshows. It offers several audio and video effects and lets the user display the title of the lyrics and parts of the karaoke in various fonts, sizes, colors and styles. This tool is highly recommended for singers who want to showcase their work on social networking sites or individual sites.

7. ZS4 Video Editor

Free video editing that is also compatible with Linux and Windows OS. It integrates many high end video effects that help you to improve video quality faster. It also allows media enthusiasts to place various types of media such as audio video files or images into one output easily. Images can be changed and utilized using certain parameters with timeline.

8. Jahshaka

Jahshaka Is a free, open source, cross-platform digital content creation application that runs seamlessly on Mac, Linux-based operating systems, and Windows. This tool is known as CineFX before and is always popular because of amazing alter effects including real time and CPU based image processing. It features modules for animation, editing and compositing and allows users to easily control and share any content that is important enough to impress digital content creation.

9. Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate

This is one of two paid software that we add to the list, which can be utilized by experts to edit professional film. It offers an attractive interface with a large number of video effects. You can upload your videos directly on your favorite social networks like Facebook or YouTube. Pinnacle Studio is a powerful and highly flexible tool that offers many features to improve video quality and supports various audio / video formats as well, but it does not provide support for 4K Ultra HD video. This video editing tool is quite expensive and will cost you around $ 114.99.

10. AVS Video Editor

This software is paid for, it costs around $ 59 but is well worth it and offers a great deal against the price. It allows users to import videos from DV / HDV, VHS cameras or webcam and even capture media files from the computer screen. You can cut, combine or play and select from a large number of amazing transitions and video effects to improve quality and stabilize the shaking video as well. You can create stunning slides, blue ray disc compatible videos and share them on faster social networks. It supports multiple languages ​​and is consistent with various audio / video formats and codecs.

Hopefully you can choose the one that suits your needs. This best video editing app for Mac is built by professional developers and has been used by many people. You can also leverage and display your creativity to the world using it in the right way. Video editing can reduce your burden and increase your popularity by converting raw footage into a video.

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