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11 Karaoke apps for Android and iOS - If you like singing, this article can be very useful for you. Today, technology has become so advanced, and anyone who wants to sing like a professional can turn his smartphone into a karaoke machine. There are several karaoke apps available with a large collection of popular Karaoke songs that allow users to sing, record and share favorite songs. Most of these applications are free to download and use.

They work well with popular mobile platforms like Android and iOS. You do not have to be a technical expert to install and use apps as they offer very simple functions. You can record songs in multiple languages and join an individual app community to connect with thousands of people around the world. Here we have listed some of the best karaoke apps available on the market for Android and iOS Platform.
11 Aplikasi karaoke untuk Android dan iOS

Cool Karaoke App For Android And iOS

1. StarMaker

StarMaker Free apps available for Android and iOS devices. It lets users select songs from extensive catalogs and record songs using the front-facing camera of the phone. You can choose from a wide range of special effects to edit your tracks post recording. Get high-quality sound with improved sound technology and enjoy the full screen experience. There is a feature called hook that allows the user to record the best part only. You can join the community to share your songs with friends.

2. Sing! Karaoke by Smule

The app has several audio effects and allows the user to record duets with artist features like Kylie Minogue, Carly Rae Jepsen, Jessie J, etc. You can share your creations with millions of people and become famous. This is a powerful feature available for iOS and Android devices. This app is free to download but includes some in-app purchases to get the most out of it. You can choose from over 1,200 songs available in the catalog and stream of karaoke songs on Apple TV.

3. Yokee

Yokee can improve your voice automatically with some effects like reverb or echo so that your voice gets good. You can choose from unlimited songs in any language that takes maximum advantage of the YouTube library. After choosing a song just record your voice and add some effects. The lyrics will be there to help you out, and you can share your performance with your friends on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. This app is available for free and works well with iOS and Android devices.

4. Red Karaoke Sing & Record

You can choose from thousands of karaoke songs as Red Karaoke also uses karaoke songs from YouTube and other sources. You can sing and record songs in audio and video, and you can also record a duet or add some sound effects to improve your sound quality. This app is free to download and compatible with iOS and Android. However, iOS users can go for VIP subscriptions that have associated monthly fees.

5. Karaoke Anywhere

This app lets you stream songs from your favorite free artists from a streaming library of over 5,000 songs that get updated every month. They have a large karaoke library that includes over 40,000 songs. You can buy and play it without downloading or syncing. If you want to play offline then simply save the songs you have purchased. You can join the user community and share your performance with them. This app is free to download and available for iOS and Android smartphones.

6. SingPlay

If you want to record your songs and do not want to search or download karaoke songs from YouTube or anywhere else then this app is recommended for you. SingPlay converts normal music files stored in your system into karaoke files so you can record your songs using your music. You can enjoy karaoke without Wi-Fi network and even make videos for songs and share with your friends. This app is available for iOS as well as Android and is free to download.

7. Karaoke-A-GoGo

This app gives you players and does not include songs. However, you can search for karaoke songs on the internet and the help section of the application informs you about the procedure. This app plays MP3 + G (mp3 and Karaoke CDG) files from the SD card. This app can be used to create, store and load playlists and work well with tablets and smartphones. This app is available for Android users as it is now and will cost you around $ 2.99.

8. The Voice: On Stage – Sing!

I think most of us are aware of the reality of popular singing like in the Voice. This app provides an opportunity to perform like a participant from an event in the game. You can record songs, add effects and share with your friends. You can sing a big hit of your favorite artist and unlock as many songs as you can. You need to convince the coach and change all four seats so they can take you in their team. This app brings fun with an amazing singing experience. This app is free to download and available for Android users in motion.

9. Karaoke Mode

You can sing karaoke using headphones and record your voice into your smartphone in karaoke mode. This app lets you keep the record so you can listen to them later or with friends. This app offers simple functionality and allows you to have thousands of karaoke on your smartphone for free. Currently, Karaoke Mode app is available for Android users only.

10. SingSnap Karaoke

SingSnap Karaoke is free to download but has more popular karaoke songs, this app provides more than 1000 free songs for singing and recording. It comes with some useful features such as the ability to record video or audio only, additional audio, easy sharing on social networks and more. You can also join the community and share your performance with singing fans like you. The SingSnap app is available for iOS users only.

11. Karaoke – Sing-A-Long

This app lets you select songs from the library and sing for free. You can record songs, save them and email them to your friends. This app allows you to download your recordings to a computer using the iTunes file sharing system. This app is available for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and is free to download.

So, these are some karaoke apps for Android and iOS that you can download.

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