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15 Best software for c ++ programmer - The C or C ++ language is a very popular term for programmers, and all pretty much know this basic fact. Back to school days, this is one of the most important chapters in the computer subject. This is a very important, powerful and excellent programming language used by developers to develop applications on a large scale, such as search engines, video games, and computer software.
15 Sofware terbaik untuk programmer c++

This is the reason why programmers are always looking for IDE programming editors so they can edit code easily. In this article, we have tried to collect some of the best software C / C ++ editor programs are most popular for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

1. XCode(Mac) 

This IDE is not only meant for C ++ language developers but also best for the MAC platform. It supports many popular languages, including some cool features that you can build using this program. Xcode is completely free to use on your Mac OS system.

2. CLion (Mac, Windows, Linux) 

CLion works on Windows, Linux, and MAC OS X platforms and is created by JetBrains which is a well-known company to develop IDE programming for C ++ developers C. This is a smart editor has an embedded terminal. It has various language standards such as libc ++, C ++ 11, Java script, XML, CSS and HTML. For creating projects help you to create projects with shortcut keys. Supports code and CMake analysis. It is considered to be the number one program.

3. Visual Studio(Mac, Windows, Linux) 

This Visual Studio is an IDE program from Microsoft, it is not only developed for C / C ++, but also various other popular languages. Those who will work as your team of ten require a pro version and are not available for free. If you work individually, then you need a free IDE Express Edition.

4. NetBeans IDE(Mac, Windows, Linux)

NetBeans works on MAC OS X, Windows and Linux platforms. Supports C ++ language 11. This is IDE offers free multi platform and is great for developing as it offers many cool features. File, Remote Development, QT Support Toolkit, compiler configuration, file navigation are some of these features.

5. Eclipse (Windows)

IDEs that have multi-platform support systems and are considered one of the best free IDEs. Eclipse is a Git Provider Team with C / C ++ development tools, has a Mylyn Task list and a remote system explorer.

6. Code :: Blocks (Windows)

Block feature The code is segmented into the debugger compiler and interface features such as; GNU GDB interface, syntax highlighting and custom dump memory, supports complete breakpoints including data breakpoints, breakpoint conditions, break point codes and many others. It supports multi target projects and is so fast that there is no need to create these files. Supports multi-compiler, including Borland C ++ 5.5, Clank, GCC and more.

7. Qt Creator (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Qt creator is an open source version that you can download free trial and work on Windows, MAC OS X, Linux platform. This is one of the most familiar libraries. If you're looking forward to building a GUI-based app, then this is the right one to try it out. Features include; 2D fast qt renderer, Boot to qt, qt data visualization, web display qt and more.

8. Geany (Mac, Windows)

This is the perfect IDE program for C / C ++ and lightweight that you can use for free. It has features like folding code, Syntax highlighting, auto closing of XML and HTML tags, auto completion symbol names, etc. It helps you to build systems to execute and compile code. It helps in simple project management. These are some of the features to work with Geany and you can actually build anything.

9. CodeLite (Mac, Windows, Linux)

This is a free open source and IDE for C / C ++ that you can get for free and work on multiple platforms; Windows, MAC OS X and Linux. It has generic support for the compiler with built-in support for Clank / GCC / VC ++. In the editor window, this will display the code explanation for each error as tooltip. Through Build-tabs errors can be clicked by building GDB support. It also supports templates, inheritance, C ++ Keyboard auto 11, etc.

10. Bluefish Editor (Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD)

Bluefish Editor is not a standard editor it's more than that. It is a lightweight and fast editor offering programmer features such as writing scripts & software code, developing websites and working on multi-platform like Linux, Windows, MAC OS X, FreeBSD, etc. offering very powerful refresh functionality and powerful search engine. It also has multiple document interfaces, sidebar snippets, full screen editing support, also supports file openings in a recursive way based on file patterns, name or pattern of content Supports site downloader and uploader and many more amazing features.

11. Bracket code Editor (Mac, Windows, Linux)

The bracket is an advanced open source editor and is specifically meant for web development. It's framed for the latest C ++ C programs; Therefore, the programmer can use it by installing the destination of the C / C ++ program and the C-package extension of the C program. Through the plug-in it is very extensible and offers many other IDE-based features.

12. Sublime Text Editor (Mac, Windows, Linux)

Sublime Text is a multi-platform, fine-text editor designed and developed for code, prose and tagging up. It offers a large user interface and can be used to write C / C ++. Some of its features consist of high customization facilities, palette commands, what Goto functions, multiple options, Plug-in Support API, instant support switch projects and many other features.

13. Atom Kode Editor (Mac, Windows, Linux)

Atom is also a modern, multi-platform, open source text editor that can run on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. It is also hackable therefore users can customize to meet their demands of code writing. It is fully featured, and some key features include Built-in package manager, inbuilt browser file, smart auto completion and more.

14. KDevelop (Windows, Linux, Unix)

KDevelop is a free, cross-platform and open source IDE that works on Linux, Windows and other operating systems like UNIX. It is mainly based on KDE, QT libraries, and KDev platforms. It is very extensible and supports plug-ins such as C / C ++-based clang. Supports Oketa Plug-in revival, KDE4 configuration migration and has many other Grep support views, uses widgets and supports multiple editing lines.

15. Emacs Editor (Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris, OpenBSD, FreeBSD)

Emacs is a very extensible, customizable and cross platform free text editor that you can use on Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, Free BSD, Windows, BSD open. Fundamentals from Emacs are also translators for languages under Lips Programming from Emacs Lisp. Emacs has full support from Unicode. Use Emacs Lisp GUI code. It has functions that are above general text editing that includes project planner, news and calendar, email and more. It has built-in tutorial and complete documentation with various other facilities.

If you know another source code editor please feel free to let us know in comment section, happy coding!

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