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6 best android emulators - Here I will present one of the best alternatives of bluestack. There are so many emulators android available on the internet. Basically the android emulator function can run virtual mobile devices on the computer desktop. With this emulator it will make it easy to download and install android apps and games on the computer. This android emulator Compatible for windows 7 operating system, windows 8, windows 10, windows vista, windows XP and others. We can download this emulator free of charge from their official website. Here I will give you complete information about the best android emulator for windows PC or MAC.
6 emulator android terbaik 2017 untuk windows mac os x
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6 The best alternative emulators other than Bluestack

Geny Motion
Geny Motion is one of the best android emulators on our list. We can use more than 3,000 android configurations to test available apps. There are different plugins for android studio and eclipse. This emulator can be compatible with all the android SDK tools. It has advanced features such as battery, screen-cast, network quality and best performance, GPS and SMS emulator. This Emulayor has different command tools like Java API and Gradle Plugin.

Key features of Geny Motion:
  • High performance and compatibility tests in the suite
  • Have the tools developed
  • Can support Multiple platforms
  • Can support audio and video files
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • The server integration is simple and easy to use
Andy OS
Andy Os Is an android emulator for Windows and MAC. This emulator can support multiple platforms such as Windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, MAC, and OS X. By downloading this emulator we can download android application from any browser. It even has very different functions that will make us more comfortable to use more functions on the device. One of the best things about Andy OS is that you can use the phone as remote control access while playing games, it can also run all applications on the computer.

Key features of Andy OS:
  • Available for full UI Android
  • Supports to run on multiple platforms
  • You can run applications from the desktop
  • There is multi touch support
  • Access Android for local file system
  • There is a push desktop option
  • Available sensor integration, camera integration
Droid 4X

Droid 4X Is the most popular android emulator. There are so many people who use this emulator to run android apps in windows. Droid 4X is free and open source across platforms for the android emulator. It has a very unique key feature. Do you want to use this emulator? Then you can download from the official website of Droid 4X. This emulator is available for free. We do not have to pay for it. We will get so many different features that help to run android applications on the computer desktop. It can even support multiple operating systems such as Windows 7/8/10 / XP / Vista.

Key features of Droid 4X:
  • You can run all android apps on the device
  • You can use your phone as a remote control while playing a game
  • The controls are perfect
  • Works on android and iOS
  • There is game controller support
  • Keyboard Shortcuts is available
  • You can switch or adjust the display mode
AMIDU OS Is one of the best of the Android Emulator. Working with very fast and smooth performance. Emulators can support peripheral devices such as a webcam. There are capabilities that can be run in root mode as well. The worst part is this software is paid and more expensive than other android emulators. You need to buy this android emulator. Not available for free. AMIDU OS can support multiple platforms like like Windows 7/8/10 / vista / XP etc.

Key features of AIMDU OS:
  • File storage and sharing options
  • It's very easy to use the configuration files on this emulator
  • Work fast and unlimited performance
  • There is compatibility support for windows
  • You will get the best android experience
  • You can use the compass and GPS
Android X 86
Android X 86 Is one of the popular android emulators to run android apps on your computer or laptop. Basically Android X86 is an open source platform. This will support a higher version of android software. It has very different key features, such as Kernel support, Power Suspend, Mouse Wheel, G Sensor and others. Android X86 is compatible on windows 7, 8, 10, vista, XP. With fast and easy performance to switch between windows and android platform and no double root required.

Key features of Android X 86:
  • There is external monitor support
  • There is a Bluetooth option too
  • Can support WIFI with GUI app
  • This emulator will show battery status on your desktop
  • Can support external keyboard
  • Can support net book native option
  • One of the best disk installers
KoPlayer is a fairly new android emulator, the main focus of the use of this emulator is in the game. Although not as famous as other emulators, but its performance is promising and should try it. Software is available for free to try.

Thus the list of the best android emulator for Windows operating system, Mac, OS X, may be useful. Thanks for reading.

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