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7 Best 2017 video compressor - Video compress software used to reduce the size of any video by using several options. Most of the software we have mentioned in this free list is for use and allows users to change the codec, bit rate, size, video quality, resolution, etc. and make the video suitable for in-turn devices such as smartphones.

Almost every compress software currently supports all popular video formats and some of them let users compress video in bulk. Here are some things that users should also remember that making smaller videos can affect the quality of the looks, so we recommend choosing codecs like MP4, H.264, AVC to get better results and the freedom to upload videos in social media networks .

What are the Needs for Video Compression?

When we record a video from a smartphone or DSLR, we choose the best available mode to get video quality, like I want HDR display format on my phone. Obviously, with quality, video size is also increasing. And many channels where we want to share the video to our friends have some size limits. As in WhatsApp there is a limit of 16MB and in Gmail 25MB. Although there is a method to share files larger than 16 MB in WhatsApp.

And if we talk about uploading videos to Youtube, Facebook or Vimeo then big files take a lot of time to upload. The best solution I recommend is to keep high quality videos with the storage and sharing of compressed videos with others.

Or if you do extensive video production then you should have plenty of room to keep your old videos. To save space, you can compress the file.
7 Video Compressor dan Converter Software Terbaik (Gratis/Berbayar)
7 Best Video Compressor and Converter Software (Free / Paid)

In this article, we have decided to have some of the best of video compression software that will help to compress your videos in the easiest way.

1. Blaze Media Pro (Windows)

Blaze Media Pro is not just a regular video compression software, but it's all in one solution that includes powerful audio and video converter, audio and video editing software, CD / DVD burner data, Video CD (VCD / SVCD) burner, CD burner audio, Video makers, etc can handle various formats for editing audio and video such as MP3, WAV, AIFF, M4A, WMA, AC3, ALAC, AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV, FLAC, OGG, MPEG-4, AAC and much more. Blaze Media Pro offers various services such as media management, audio CD copy, support for full-screen video, multiple effects, etc.

It is available for 15 Days Trail free and $ 50 afterwards.

2. Format Factory (Windows)

Format Factory is quite easy to use, open source software that can convert audio, video and picture formats. It also lets users easily compress video files and provides several options for doing so. When you are aware of technical details to compress any video, you can choose the desired size, be it display, codec, FPS, and resolution. Even if you are not aware of the specifications, you can still use the software to compress the video as it provides a direct choice based on the device, size, and quality. You can choose low or medium quality to your preference and send videos via your mobile phone quickly.

It's 100% Free forever.

3. HandBrake (Windows, MAC, Ubuntu)

HandBrake is another open source video editor that compresses very popular software because of its sophisticated functionality. Video compressor supports various video formats and is compatible with Linux, Windows OS, and Mac. In Output settings, users get several options to manage output parameters, in addition you can change the percentage of video quality, FPS video codec and more for optimization. The software includes pre-set video compression settings for different types of devices and offers a direct preview option as well.

4. Total Video Converter (Windows, MAC)

Total Video Converter is a powerful video encoding software that allows users to compress video sizes to make them suitable for the device. You can quickly change the quality of video, format, and bit rate without technical skills like a professional. This tool is famous for its ability to convert video and audio files from format to others. Around the world, many people use this software to cut, compress and convert videos.

Free Trial Available with Pros Starting from $ 29.99.

5. Avidemux (Windows, MAC, Linux)

Avidemux is undoubtedly one of the best for compressing and editing software designed specifically to handle multiple tasks such as effective cutting, encoding and filtering. Avidemux video compressor tools provide support for several file types such as AVI, MP4, etc. and job queue features and projects that allow users to automate video processing tasks. The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Max and Linux and includes options to modify bit rate, codec, frame rate and more.

6. Sorenson Squeeze (Windows, MAC)

Sorenson Squeeze Compress includes several useful features and provides an efficient video encoding solution. This software is very popular among professionals in various regions. The new version of the compression software package some video codecs such as Sorenson Spark Pro, Video Pro, AVC Pro and MPEG-4 Pro. You can encode videos in various compression formats such as Windows Media, QuickTime, Flash Video and more. This lets users choose small and large screen sizes and bitrates to get the best quality.

Free up to price starts from $ 99 for Small Business.

7. Free Video Compressor (Windows)

As the name suggests, Free Video Compressor can be downloaded and used for free, but for non-commercial use. This is a simple and lightweight video compressing tool that helps you to reduce the size of your video files quickly and supports almost all types of video file formats like AVI, MPEG4, FLV, WMV and more. Has a fresh user interface that shows video properties when you select them. You can select the video size by using the 10 to 90 percent compression option and also lets you adjust audio quality by changing bit rate. It features Scaling option to set video height and width and allows the user to set aspect ratio.

It is free software.

Thus some of the best video compressors we can display, if you have another list, please fill in the comments field, thanks.

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