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7 Free video call applications - Skype is one of the favorite app for Video call, Conference or online meeting can be done through video call. But there are many problems with Skype and people want to find a better alternative. Recently, it came to light that Skype shut down its services for the desktop and everyone is starting to have trouble signing Skype desktop apps. So now we need Alternatives that can work with all devices and have all the full features to support video calls.
7 Aplikasi video call gratis
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What features should a video call app have?
What is an ideal video call application? There are many features that current users need to know before downloading. After analyzing all user requirements, Here I define some parameters.

Platform Support: Tools should be compatible with all major OS and devices. Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS.
Sync: This should be synchronized in real time with all devices. So, if one switches from desktop to phone, he can continue his chat.
Instant Messaging: It should also provide instant text messaging features with all the features like emoji and more.
Group Video Call: It should have features like Group Video calling, Video Conferencing or Online Meetings. So you can easily connect with all your family members or can do group business meetings.
File Sharing: A good instant messenger that is comparable to Skype should also allow file, photo sharing.
Screen Sharing / Remote Acess: This is another useful feature that should be there, it helps a lot when you need help from friends / clients. Many companies use this screen sharing feature for their product demos. Remote access also helps in fixing bugs and many other operations.
Video Call Recording: Sometimes when you do some online business meetings, you need to have a recording call. So it can help you later in the work and also act as evidence of discussion.
VoIP: In addition to video calls, it should also allow you to make voice calls.
Phone Calls: It should also have the function to call phones and landlines for a minimal fee.
Security and Privacy: This is one of the main factors we are considering when choosing the best as an alternative. This tool must have the proper safety features and should be able to keep the privacy.

Free video call app

1. Google Hangout 

Google Hangouts Is the best alternative for Skype. Now you can say "hi" to your friends, family members, or any client with video calls or chat on Google Hangouts for free. Google Hangouts will keep you connected with your contacts. The Gmail id is your Hangout id. There are many amazing features that you can use

Platform Support: It is available for all major operating systems and can be used with any device.
In addition to this, you can use it in any browser by simply signing in with your Google account. You do not even need to download this app. Just login in your browser and start hanging out with friends.
Sync: Yes It keeps your chats and data in sync with all your devices in real time. You can quickly switch from one to the other.
Instant Messaging: This instant messaging service is very fast with many Emoji packages. And you can also share files, photos, GIFs, videos, locations in the Hangout. You can also chat groups up to 150 people.
Video Call: With one to one video call, you can also do Video Call Group with up to 10 people. It also allows you to share your desktop screen and you can also do text messages with video.
Voice Calls: Yes it allows you to make audio calls to your hangout friends from all your devices. Call calls are only allowed for US and UK with some charges.
Security and Privacy: It's a Google product and runs in your Google account. So there is no security breach.

I put this at number 1 because it has all the features we are looking for. And you only need a Google account, everyone has it. Just invite your friends with Gmail or phone Id and Enjoy with your friends. It's 100% free.

2. Amazon Chime

This app was recently launched for video conferencing and online meetings by renowned Amazon company. This product is designed for business, but you can enjoy free trial for 30 days. With attractive features it directly competes with Skype.

Platform Support: It is available for all major platforms.

You can also use Web clients to join or attend meetings using any browser.

Like cloud-based, keep in sync with all your devices in real time. You can quickly switch from one device to another.

Instant Messaging: It allows you to chat with people on your connection. With new messages, you get notifications and also you can check the signals for messages sent, delivered and read. It also allows sharing of files in chat. And one can also create chat groups. In the chat room, you can direct certain people with @handle from that person. Chat history is also searched.
Video Call / Voice: With its high quality HD video calling features you can conduct online meetings, video conferences with up to 16 people on desktops and 8 people on mobile devices. For voice calls it has embedded noise cancellation technology to provide crystal clear sound. It has many features for online meetings.
  • Manage the meeting with Visual Roster.
  • One Click Screen Sharing.
  • Personalize Instant Meeting Meeting URL and feature rescheduling.
  • Attend meetings from standard phone lines using its DI Dial of numbers at very low cost.
  • Record video, sound, and chat.
Security and Privacy: Amazon content is integrated encrypted with 256-bit encryption. And AWS service, the most secure data center. In addition you can lock the meeting, so only eligible people can join.

As I said this tool is designed for Online Business meetings and has all the features that a video conferencing tool should have. It is available for free trial, and then you can buy some plan according to your business requirement.

3. OOvOO

OoVoo The most popular apps in the list. By using ooVoo you can make high quality video calls, instant messaging, voice calls with anyone in the world. You can get quality video calling. You can text anyone while making a video call with someone. It's available absolutely free so anyone can download this app on their phone.

Platform Support: No matter what device you use because it works on all platforms like, Android smartphone, iPhone, iPod touch, iPod, Microsoft Windows phone, Android tablet, MAC, and PC.

4. Uber Conference

Uber is the ultimate software for online meetings. It is designed for businesses by listening to their problems during online meetings. It is available for free with limitations; You can purchase premium for full access.

Platform Support: Supports multiple platforms so you can attend meetings from any mobile or desktop device.

5. IMO

IMO The app is pretty popular. Right now everyone is using it on their phones. IMO has a very friendly interface. You will not get into trouble when using this app. You can learn very easily. IMO is the best video and instant messaging app. It has many features that you may not know.

Platform Support: This is available for iOS main mobile platform and Android. This app is not compatible with desktop version.

6. Jitsi

Jitsi Is one of the best Video calling apps. It's free for chatting and video calling. The app has some unique features such as video conferencing, voicemail, instant messaging, file transfer, desktop sharing, etc. Jitsi is available in over 30 different languages. There are millions of people who use it on their devices. This tool integrates other instant messaging tools into the software. As you can use Facebook Messenger, Google Talk and more in this app. So all your instant messengers are under one roof.

Platform Support: Currently available for desktop versions only and limited to platforms. Although the Android version is under construction.

7. Face-Time

Facetime is one of the best of video call apps for iOS and MAC. It was developed by Apple company. Face-time available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and Mac. It can support more than 20 languages. If you want to use this app on your smartphone then you can download it from Apple app store. It's absolutely free. The worst thing about this app is we can conference with just one person. It has many different features ie both audio and video calls, text messages, push notifications, etc.

The main feature of Facetime
  • Available in over 20 different languages.
  • Does not support group conferences.
  • You can receive messages and emails when you encounter someone.
  • Free.
  • You can send a message during video calling.
  • You can send voicemails as well.
  • This is the best alternative to Skype. You can choose the one that best suits your choice. I have simplified the selection by highlighting the most important features. If your primary requirement is online meetings then Hangouts, conferences and Uber conferences are the best choice. Hangouts are free, but the other two are paid. Other applications like ooVoo, IMO is a great tool for instant messaging and video conferencing.
Thus the best free video call app, if you have other recommendations can be written in the comments column.

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