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Alternative online payments other than Paypal - Right now everyone in all parts of the world starts using payment transactions using online systems, such as paying utility bills, buying things, buying tickets and many more. And such payment methods are a very easy and safe way to send money to someone. We can transfer money globally as well. Basically this site allows users to pay or transfer some money online from the internet. Each website has a very unique feature. We will feel safer and maybe that way is a quick way to transact online. That's why here I will give you one of the best online payment services. Here power will discuss about the best paypal alternative.

Everyday there are millions of customers who transfer money from this site. We can use this site on mobile. All we need to do is simply to download the app.
Alternatif pembayaran online selain Paypal
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6 The best online payment sites

AMAZON Payment

Amazon Payment Is one of the best online payment services as far as we know. Amazon's most secure payment, fast and convenient to pay online. What we have to do is simply register and login and pay with amazon. A very easy way to pay by phone, computer and tablet. Amazon also supports any device. There are millions of people using this site.

Basically the payment of amazon is developed by amazon itself. The main goal is to provide online transactions. Everyone can use and process online transactions in a simple way. It has different products like consumers, businesses and developers. This system provides a free service that can be used all circles.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet Is one of the popular online payment sites and famous for online transactions. Google wallet is one of the safest ways to receive online payments on your phone, desktop and tablet. Do you want to pay via google wallet, you can download this app on mobile. Google wallet is available in the google play store.

By using google wallet you can send directly pay with debit, credit or wallet balance to anyone. All shipping and payment information will be stored in a safer manner. We do not have to worry about anything. Millions of Google users use this site every day. Even you can quickly check your bank account details directly by using google wallet.


Here I introduce a new online payment site, called Skrill. Skrill process is fast, free and secure. Even the skill allows transferring international money as well. If you want to use this site on your phone, you can install on android smartphone, ios or windows. The system has been designed in a safer way. You do not have to bother about privacy. Skrill process is very easy to do if global money transactions. You feel more comfortable and quick to send money to others. Skirll is available worldwide. By using Skrill you can pay with different currency.


By using payoneer Is the best and safest way to make online payment transactions. By using payoneer you can make the payment process simple. Payoneer allows users to send various kinds of international money. Available for over 100 currencies in 200 countries. Payoneer even has different features such as prepaid master card, credit card loading to your card, international transfers and others. There are so many benefits to be gained by using this site. In terms of very low cost for international transfers. One of the best things about Payoneer is to be safer and work in a way that is easy to understand.


Stripe More secure and a simple online payment service than all the online payment list sites listed above. This strip allows both private individuals and businesses to conduct transactions over the internet. This site is very unique as compared to other online payment sites. We can download this app on mobile. It has very different functions like seamless security, perfect scale and powerful toolkit. By using the Stripe you can pay with a variety of different currencies. Payment and shipping information will be stored in your account. There are millions of people who use this site for online payments worldwide.

Such is the list of the best alternative online payment websites besides Paypal. In fact one of the best online payment services for local and global money transfers. You feel safer and more comfortable to send money to others. All information will be stored in your own account securely. So do not worry about payment details. You can see it in your account. Start paying online by using this website now.

Thank you for reading, if there is anything to ask we will be happy to answer your questions in the comments field. thanks.

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