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Be Careful Using New Output Laptop Products - Laptops from time to time increasingly sophisticated made by the developers, ranging in terms of appearance to the ability possessed. In the last two years laptop products began to get more powerful but it turned out to have deficiencies / weaknesses and even shortcomings / weaknesses is greater than the advantages possessed by the laptop itself.

The discussion this time focused on the way the assembly / manufacture of laptops today is a laptop that was once heavy and thick now has turned into light and thin. If we look in terms of appearance, it is good if the laptop is thin and light so easy under everywhere. But of course the question arises, how can a laptop that used to be heavy and thick can be light and thin?

Based on the experience experienced there are several reasons why the laptop can be thin and light. One reason is that currently some laptop components have begun to be implanted (on-board) on the motherboard. As a concrete example, once the laptop RAM has a RAM slot and most laptops have two RAM slots so that RAM can be removed and replaced. However, nowadays RAM is already embedded on the motherboard although some do provide one additional slot.
Example RAM on-board

It used to have two RAM slots, whereas it now has only one RAM slot (additional) and main RAM embedded on the motherboard. This of course can make the laptop thin and light because one board (slot) is lost.

Another example is when the first laptop has two chipsets that work together, but now has been combined into one chipset with two functions (same when two chipsets). It has also saved components on laptops.

The last example, when the first laptop processor can be removed but now can not.

What are the advantages of laptop components that are already on-board? The advantage is the laptop can be thin, lightweight, and cheap production costs because many components that have been pruned.

Then what are the losses that can be gained from this on-board technique? Let's remember the time of old, when our RAM is broken then we replace it with a new one (how to remove old RAM and replaced with new RAM). So what about now when the damaged RAM is an on-board RAM? Certainly can not be exchanged.

What about the condition that the processor is broken, but the processor is on-board? Of course also can not be replaced, if it is hard to be replaced also then of course must go expertise or the last step should replace the motherboard.

Watch Out
Indeed there are currently some laptops that do not apply this on-board technique. But if you currently have a laptop that is on-board components, then be careful in the use of these laptops by
  1. Do not damp with water / keep away from water (will cause short circuit).
  2. Do not slam / drop from any height (will cause component damage especially on the soldering of on-board components).
  3. Do not get the laptop moist or its components moist (will cause a short circuit).
  4. Do not overemphasize the laptop in terms of performance (can cause RAM or processor damage).
Then, how can we find out about the on-board or not the laptop component? You can see for yourself by disassembling the laptop or asking directly to the seller if you're buying a new laptop.
So be careful in the use or care of your laptop (special on-board), Remember! Do not fall or be hit by water and short-circuiting. Danger, Later can change new!
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Be Careful Using New Output Laptop Products
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