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Complete specification of Gigaset GS160 - Gigaffordable. The GS160 series is Gigaset's cheapest smartphone so far. Manufacturers have even installed a fingerprint scanner for under Rp.2.000.000. But does this smartphone only offer low prices or any spec can be interested? Find out in our test report below.
Spesifikasi lengkap dan harga Gigaset GS160
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Gigaset is trying to comeback: Until recently, smartphone makers were built under license. However, Gigaset is now developing its own devices. Previous smartphones with Gigaset are located in the mid-range and are confident only with their designs. Regardless of a minor error, the handset is also quite recommended otherwise. Gigaset is expanding its downward portfolio with GS 160 and launching entry-level smartphones for a price below Rp.2,000,000 on the market. The unusual back side fingerprint scanner for this price range catches the eye at first glance. Nevertheless, the GS160 offers other category-distinctive advantages, such as removable, dual-SIM, and expanded storage. We researched smartphones in depth tests.

The other devices that are identical are: C2 Both Lenovo and Lenovo Moto G4 assure total balanced package. Huawei Y6 II Compact with small and colorful performance advantages This Wiko Lenny 3 is also included in the comparison.

Unfortunately, this Gigaset GS160 does not have high quality material from this Gigaset ME or ME Pro. However, the cost of the device is only one-third of Gigaset ME. Rear made of plastic that at least offers a luminous effect of light. The phone is available only in black with a dark gray bezel.

Return results under pressure, especially in the middle. Pressure on the screen immediately causes the formation of waves in the liquid crystal. The device is quite significant, accompanied by a very audible cracking sound. GS160 does not make a very high quality impression with this. At least a smartphone should withstand drops of up to 1.4 meters (~ 4.6 ft) as Gigaset uses the same testing criteria for smartphones for its DECT phones.

The back cover can be removed and the battery can be exchanged. In terms of weight and dimensions GS160 is on the average category.

This Gigaset GS160 is not bad equipped with 16 GB of storage. Some devices of this price range are only 8 GB of storage. However, 1 GB RAM is a bit low since 2 GB is actually standard now. The smartphone can not serve with many interfaces: It does not have NFC, USB port only supports USB 2.0, and Bluetooth 4.0 standard is used. This is not uncommon in this price range, which is also the case with dual-SIM support. Fortunately, the microSD slot is dedicated, making it possible to insert two SIM cards plus a microSD card. MicroSD cards can be formatted and used as internal memory, but applications can not be moved to external storage media.

Android 6.0 runs on this Gigaset GS160, but the security patch dates early October 2016 and is thus quite obsolete. A newer version of the operating system was not available at the time of testing, and this probably will not change: The Gigaset GS160 is a very cheap smartphone and therefore, it is not easy for manufacturers to budget for software updates.

Looking at the preloaded app, it seems Gigaset has teamed up with Ströer Digital. The company now belongs to Internet Portal T-Online. As a result, T-Online applications as well as several other applications from this company, such as the cheapest and weathered gas stations, have been installed. A help function that can be very useful and the file manager is also loaded.

Communications and GPS
LTE has become the standard even in cheap smartphones; Only frequency and speed are usually more limited than in more expensive devices. This also happens in this Gigaset GS160: this smartphone offers only two UMTS bands, but at least four GSM and LTE frequencies. The maximum download speed is 150 MBit per second and 50 MBit per second in upload. Gigaset has made savings in UMTS bands; Users will not get far overseas. It may be considered that the mobile network provider wants to see the UMTS network shut down as soon as possible. The reception quality in the German Vodafone network is quite good in urban areas; We usually have full to almost full signal in the room.

Users must be satisfied with the standard Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n. Thus, communicating on a 5 GHz network is not possible, and the high speed 801.11ac standard does not exist, which is normal in this price range. Our standard WiFi test speeds are satisfactory, but receive much slower data than on comparable devices. We noticed that we had to wait a bit for the page to load, even in the vicinity of the router. The quality of reception fluctuates between 3/4 and 1/2 at a distance of 10 meters (~ 33 feet) and through three walls. However, the loading time is quite similar.

Phone and Call Quality
Unmodified Android apps are used as mobile apps. This is not a bad choice as it offers many functions and is clearly set up.

Gigaset describes the quality of "extraordinary" calls, but we will not go that far. Actually, the opposite is true: the hums sound hole is a bit and the sound sounds quite treble-heavy. The microphone recorded a quiet voice with interruptions and we also sounded very far away. An explosive sound is also heard on the speaker during a call. Although this Gigaset GS160 lets make calls quite understandable, not very fun.

A 13 megapixel main camera and a decent 5 megapixel front camera in the entry-level category. The main camera has auto-focus and LED flash, but the image quality is quite clear lies in the entry-level sector: The auto-focus does not always work properly and the photos do not have to be zoomed to see that they are not as sharp as photos from high-quality smartphone cameras. Details often look artificial. Large color areas tend to pixelate fast. Low light performance is not at all bad: Although the visible sound color can be seen, we like sharpness. Videos can be recorded in 720p. The auto-focus also has problems every now and then here, and exposures that sometimes need some time to respond to changing light conditions. Otherwise, sharpness and color reproduction are quite satisfactory. Gigaset also advertises a time lapse function; Photos here shoot every few seconds and are compiled into a video. Thus, motion is not smooth, although some good effects are created.

The front camera selfies are relatively feasible, and the exposure is acceptable. Subjectively, the color saturation looks a bit too weak.

Accessories and Warranty
Only charger, SIM card adapter, USB cable and instruction are included. However, small flyers with optional accessories and a 25 percent discount for this Gigaset store are found in the box. The latter can be used, for example, in connection with Gigaset Mobile Dock or Smart Home products. The Mobile Dock is not just for GS160 but it can be used with every other Android smartphone and is worth a look: Being a cordless DECT expert, Gigaset compiles the knowledge and allows using the dock to direct calls to DECT phones or connect smartphones directly by land. Of course, the smartphone can also be recharged at the station. Mobile Dock, which is also available for iPhone, costs almost 70 Euros.

A screen or cover protector for smartphones priced at 10 Euros each is also listed in the store. A new battery compartment cover costs just as much. A secondary battery is available for 25 Euro. We consider the availability and relatively low price of spare parts as very positive.

Gigaset includes a 24-month warranty on smartphones. In addition to this, retailers based within the EU are subject to a 24-month legal warranty period.

Input and Handling Devices
Gigabit does not experiment with virtual keyboards: Android keyboard has sufficient, and usually. Some other apps on the Google Play Store may offer more customization options, but generally all important input options, such as swipe, language, and dictionary suggestions, are present.

This touchscreen is very accurate even at the edges and in corners. However, the surface attracts dust and fingerprints and therefore, the surface often feels uneven.

The rear fingerprint scanner is a small highlight. It works quickly and accurately, and the device can be re-enabled from standby. Gigaset has implemented a broad selection of motion and motion controls: Drawing a letter on standby screen opens the app. However, only the lock screen is opened and the smartphone must be opened before opening the application depending on the settings. Also slightly unfavorable: Only lowercase can be drawn, even though they are described as capital letters in the description - which should be clarified first. Different functions can be triggered through the fingerprint scanner, for example, opening the camera or ending the wake-up call.

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Complete specification of Gigaset GS160
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