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Full specifications of Asus ROG G701VIK - With the release of Asus ROG G701VIK generation with Kaby Lake motherboards from Intel this will expand the list of quality gaming laptops today. We have reviewed many new releases in the last few weeks. From a 13-inch lcd, like Alienware 13 R3, and to 17-inch ones, like the MSI GT73VR 7RF.
Spesifikasi dan harga Asus ROG G701VIK

Most current gaming laptops use the Core i7-7700HQ processor and the GeForce GTX 1060 or GTX 1070, Asus provides the G701 Core i7-7820HK model and the additional GeForce GTX 1080 overclock.

However, in terms of price is very expensive: 17-inch device costs about Rp.40.000.000 more than our review unit with the last model VIK-BA049T also has 32 GB DDR4-RAM (2x 16 GB @ 2400 MHz) and SSD- RAID consisting of two 256 GB M.2 drives. The screen is only equipped with Full HD panel, but can use 120 Hz and G-Sync Nvidia technology.

Specifications and Price Asus G701VIK-BA049T (G701 Series)

Processor: Intel Core i7-7820HK 2.9 GHz @ 4.3 GHz (Intel Core i7)
Graphics adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (Laptop) - 8192 MB, Core: 1681 MHz,
Memory: 2578 MHz, GDDR5X, ForceWare 369.59 (378.66 for Game)
RAM: 32768 M, 2 x 16 GB DDR4-2400, dual channel, 2 of 4 slots occupied, max. 64GB inch Display: 17.3 16: 9, 1920x1080 pixel 127 PPI, B173HAN01.1 (AUO119D), IPS, Full HD, G-Sync, 120 Hz, shiny: none
Mainboard: Intel CM238
Storage: 2x Samsung SM961 MZVPW256HEGL NVMe (RAID 0), 512 G, Shaft: 2 x M.2 Type 2280
Weight: 3.99 kg
Price: about Rp.40.000.000

At first glance, the G701 is very much like the G752 version. The outer chasing is dominated by a silver surface made of aluminum (lid) or textured plastic (bottom). When opening this laptop looks a combination of black and silver. To improve comfort, or rather increase the nuance to touch. In terms of stability, laptop form gives a perfect impression.


Acer has thought of all the important ports. In addition to the obligatory in-typical notebooks (3x USB 3.0 Type-A, RJ45 LAN, card reader, headphone jack, microphone jack), the G701 also offers two USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C ports, one of which is Thunderbolt 3, monitor connected via HDMI port or Mini DisplayPort.

Port placement is less convincing. Because all ports apart from the Kensington lock slot and charging port are placed in front or middle area side.

SD card reader
Asus makes no mistake with card reader. With a maximum read speed of 246 MB / s, Toshiba reference card, which should be able to transfer up to 260 MB / s. 

To satisfy the sense of power of GeForce GTX 1080, 17-inch device is equipped with 330 watt power supply. Size about 20 x 10 x 4 cm large and weighs 1.3 kg. There is also a small guide in the box, as well as a warranty card, cleaning cloth, and wire rope. Does not accept normal normal VD recovery (no optical drive). However, most manufacturers also save the cost of a suitable USB stick.

Sri G701 offers many tools to satisfy tuning fans. Most programs come together in the Gaming center. Not only can you change the keyboard backlight (Hot Zone) and light chasing (Light Bar), you can also change the image mode (Splendid), fan speed, sound (Sonic Rader II + Sonic Studio II), game profile, storage management, And data traffic (GameFirst IV). The dedicated keys above the keyboard are set via MacroKey.

Another highlight is the optional overclocking. If you select Turbo-Gear setting "Extreme" instead of "Standard", CPU clock speed 2.9-3.9 GHz increases to 4.3 GHz. GeForce GTX 1080 accelerated from 1582-1771 MHz (core) and 5000 MHz (storage) to 1681-1870 MHz and 5150 MHz. Advanced users can manually set the details. Emissions and energy tests are all done in standard mode; Only overclocking benchmarks are enabled.

Input Device

As for the keyboard device is almost the same as its predecessor, there are not many complaints against this series.

Touchpad can hardly be criticized. Replacement of mouse satisfying bedimensi 11.5 x 6.5 cm. Thanks to the smooth surface, the fingers can glide very well on the touchpad. We can not find any special software on test devices to adjust gestures. Nevertheless, Windows 10 natively supports two-finger zooming and scrolling, which functions as normal. Since the touchpad has no backlight, most buyers will be happy with this. 

Asus G701 is one of the first notebook with panel 120 Hz based on IPS. The biggest advantage of IPS technology is a wider viewing angle. Although the OLED panel offers a wider viewing angle, the built-in Full HD display with B173HAN01.1 identification (AUO119D) feels superior to the classic TN panel.

Color accuracy is also better than the 120 Hz model that we have tested so far. While the MSI GT73VR and GT72VR reach the DeltaE-2000 value of about 10, the Asus G701 score is only close to 4 (the ideal value is below 3). With some calibration with a very good result 0.8 (grayscale) and 1.93 (ColorChecker). It also makes the previous blue color disappear. The color-space coverage turned out to be unspectacular. About 89% sRGB and 58% AdobeRGB typical for laptops.

As mentioned in the Software section, the Core i7-7820HK works at 4.3 GHz in Turbo Accessories Extreme settings. Consistent clock speed in single-core applications. When handling multicore applications, the value fluctuates between 3.8 and 4.3 GHz, which is still very impressive. If you disable the optional overclocking and choose Standard mode, the 45-watt chip works at 3.5-3.9 GHz, depending on the core load. For comparison: The more affordable Kaby Lake core i7-7700HQ, which has only 6 instead of 8 MB L3-Cache and no zero multiplier, achieves 3.8 GHz under load.

System performance
Powerful compensation ensures excellent system performance. Either on PCMark 7 or in PCMark 8 beyond the Asus G701. As usual for notebooks with SSDs, the operating system boots very quickly and has a very fast time with general response, such as (launching apps, loading time, etc.).

Gaming performance
Apart from synthetic graphics performance, gaming performance is also very convincing. All tested games run smoothly at native resolution of 1920x1080 pixels at maximum setting and activated with smoothing.

We can play games without extreme mode from Gaming center. Improved performance is not comparable with extreme noise emissions. Performance under standard settings is perfect for Full HD.

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Full specifications of Asus ROG G701VIK
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