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Hidden features Xiaomi Mi Note 3 - Comes with a metal body design and Full HD screen size 1920px1080p IPS 5.5 inch screen. The smartphone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 Hexa SoC GPU from two Cortex A72 cores clocked at 1.2GHz (for 2GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory) and four A53 cores at 1.8GHz (for 3GB RAM and 32GB Internal Memory). Note 2 is a phone with the first fingerprint sensor of redmi Note 3, using the latest capacitive scanning technology for accurate, safe and fast performance, opening the device in just 0.3 seconds. There are several benefits of fingerprint sensor such as locking app, lockscreen lock, for selfie and others.
Fitur tersembunyi Xiaomi Mi Note 3

Tips and Tricks hidden features Mi Note 3

Here are some tips and tricks from redmi Note 3, which will help us to use them properly. There are many unknown features.

How to turn the Torch From Lock Screen

If you want to activate the Torch in Mi Note 3 then no need to open the phone and then turn it on. Now on this phone, you can use the touch by simply pressing the home and Torch buttons.

One-handed mode

Redmi Note 3 comes with a 5.5 inch full HD screen, if you want to use on a small screen then there is a feature available, One-Handed mode. There are some people who face difficulty to handle this 5.5 inch phone, because of the small size of the hand. MIUI 7 offers the option to enable the one hand mode. Offers 3 different screen sizes 3.5 inches, 4 inches, and 4.5 inches. We can choose according to need.

To enable this one-handed mode, go to "Settings> Other settings> One-handed mode", and there's another way to do this just by swiping your finger from the home button left or right to choose where we want it to appear.

Reading mode

Redmi Note 3 offers Reading mode, which changes the screen color to read. This yellow display helps us to read and the benefits of yellow light do not harm the eyes. To enable Reading Mode, go to Settings> Display> Reading Mode or drag down the notification panel bar and tap on 'Reading Mode'. This Reading mode gives you a lot of customization as you can choose an app that automatically activates the reading mode once opened.

Set Toggles

Most of today's smartphones come with a quick Toggles Setup, which allows us to activate most of the options with just one tap to disable. Mi Note 3 also allows us to set this icon as you wish. If you want to set the power off setting quickly then go to Settings> Notifications> Switch Position> then press and hold to select switch and move it to where you want to place it and then save it.

Resize text and Icons

Redmi Note 3 offers to Change the size of icons and text on mobile. If you want a large font and also ikonnnya, then there is also a function in this phone to do it. Actually changing the size of the text feature on every phone but the same feature to the icon of something different. To enable this function go to "Settings> Text Size" text and icon.

Child mode

Kids can do what on their phones can erase your data and there are many things they can do. Because they do not know anything about mobile phones so they just touch anywhere on the screen after that anything can happen to your phone. So, to prevent mobile phones from children there is a child function mode. In this mode, you can only grant access to apps you want like games, music or whatever. So, they can only access the app. To use this function go to "Settings and click on Child mode".

Lite mode

There is another mode in redmi Note 3, Light mode is basically made on the phone in the simplest version. When you want to activate this mode, the phone looks like a Windows phone. We can activate this mode, go to "Settings and click Lite Mode". After that, your phone will reboot and start with a new look.

Camera Function

Redmi Note 3 offers fast camera functionality, if our phone is locked and want to capture the moment then we do not have to wait. It does not have to first open the phone and then open the camera. There is a function available on the lock screen on the left side, you just have to swipe left to right and your camera is ready to capture the moment. If the phone is locked with a password or pattern then it can not see the previous picture.

So, readers, these are tips and tricks from Xiaomi Mi Note 3 that will help you to understand hidden or previously unknown features. If you find additional features on this phone give a comment below, we will put it in the list. Thanks for reading.

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Hidden features Xiaomi Mi Note 3
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