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How to Create a Complete Xiaomi Mi Cloud Account with Images - Xiaomi Smartphone now has many users especially in Indonesia and various types / series Xiaomi circulating in Indonesia such as Redmi Series and Mi Series. Party Xiaomi itself has been providing facilities / features Mi Cloud with various benefits that can be obtained by loyal users Xiaomi. Mi Cloud feature is available for all series of Xiaomi products.

What are the Benefits of the Mi Cloud Account?
There are several benefits to be gained if Xiaomi users create and enable Mi Cloud features, here's an explanation:

Gambar 1. Fitur - fitur akun Mi Cloud
Figure 1. Mi Cloud account features (source: Blog Review)

Saving Data
Enabling Mi Cloud will give users the ability to store all data (files, pictures, contacts, notes, videos, audio and messages) on Xiaomi servers (such as google drive and dropbox). The storage capacity provided is quite large ie 5 GB and this is enough to store some user data.

Data Sync
Once user data is stored on the Xioami server, users can view and download the data. In addition, there is also a synchronization feature that serves to check and equate what is in the smartphone with what is in Xiaomi server. If one day the data on the smartphone is lost, then the user can re-synchronize so that the lost data is replaced with existing data on Xiaomi server.

Tracking Device (Find Device)
In addition to saving the data, Mi Cloud account can also be used to save the smartphone itself. The Find Device feature will be the solution when the user's smartphone is stolen or lost. Find Device will save the location of the smartphone so it can track the whereabouts of the smartphone.
What's the Weakness of Mi Cloud Accounts?
Many Xiaomi users do not activate the Mi Cloud account by reason of the large number of battery usage and data packets. For that, if the user already has a Mi Cloud account then you should enable it if you are using a wireless connection. Users can disable it by signing out of the account and if you want to sync or upload data, users can log-in again.

How to Create a Cloud Xiaomi Mi Account?
There are several steps taken to create this account but the user must set up some things: phone number and email (if any). Users can create this account in two ways: via smartphone and via web / PC.

Via PC / Web
Users can create a Mi Cloud account via an address

Through Xiaomi Smartphone
Here are the steps to create a Mi Cloud account (tested Redmi 4A):
  1. Go to the Settings menu.

    Gambar 2. Pilih Setelan
    Figure 2. Select Settings
  2. Scroll down to find the "Account" menu and select "Account Mi".

    Gambar 3. Pilih Akun Mi
    Figure 3. Select Account Mi
  3. Click the "Create account" button.

    Gambar 4. Pilih Buat Akun
    Figure 4. Select Create Account
  4. Select Methods to create a Mi Cloud account (example: via email), then choose "Use email address".

    Gambar 5. Pilih Gunakan alamat email
    Figure 5. Select Use email address
  5. Enter new email address and password for Mi Cloud account.

    Gambar 6. Isi email dan password
    Figure 6. Fill in email and password
  6. Then click the "Create an account" button.

    Gambar 7. Pilih Buat akun
    Figure 7. Select Create account

  7. Enter the captcha code according to the displayed image and press "OK" button.

    Gambar 8. Masukkan Kode Capcha
    Figure 8. Enter Captcha Code
  8. There will be a new message going into the email used during the list, open the email to verify.

    GAmbar 9. Buka email verifikasi
    Figure 9. Open the verification email
  9. Click the "Activate account" button.

    Gambar 10. Klik Aktivasi akun
    Figure 10. Click Activate account
  10. Choose one of the web browsers, for example Chrome.

    Gambar 11. Pilih salah satu webbrowser
    Figure 11. Select a web browser
  11. It will display the Mi Cloud account view.

    Gambar 12. Hasil verfikasi
    Figure 12. Verification results
  12. Go back to the account settings, and click the "Verified account" button.

    Gambar13. Klik Akun terverifikasi
    Figure 13. Click Verified account
  13. Then the Mi Cloud account is successfully created and click "Finish" button.

    Gambar 14. Klik Selesai
    Figure 14. Click Done
  14. Users can make settings to choose which features to use, for example just select "Find device (Find Device)" and click "Continue".

    Gambar 15. Settingan
    Figure 15. Settling
  15. Because selecting device search feature then must verify the number, then click "Verfication" button.

    Gambar 16. Klik Verifikasi
    Figure 16. Click Verify
  16. Select "Allow" to permit Mi Cloud to read the message.

    Gambar 17. Klik Izinkan
    Figure 17. Click Allow
  17. Click "OK" on the message from Mi Cloud.

    Figure 18. Click OK
  18. Because you have not entered the phone number / device then can not activate this feature, please enter the number and verify to activate it.

If the user wants to quit or want to change the account Mi Cloud can sign-out via "Exit" button as shown below:

Gambar 19. Klik Keluar
Figure 19. Click Exit

Source by Zonacerdas.

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How to Create a Complete Xiaomi Mi Cloud Account with Images
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