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How to Enable the Find Device Feature in HP Xiaomi - Continuing the discussion on Xiaomi smartphones, this article discusses how to enable the Find Device feature / feature. In the previous article is already below how to create a Mi Cloud account that will be required to enable the Find Device feature. Please read the article "How to Create a Complete Xiaomi Mi Cloud Account with Images".

How to Enable Find Device Feature?
Previously users already have a Mi Cloud account and have logged in / logged-in using the account. If so, follow steps below:
  1. Go to the "Settings" menu.
    Gambar 1. Buka menu Setelan
    Figure 1. Go to the Settings menu
  2. Scroll down and select "Account Mi".
    Gambar 2. Pilih Akun Mi
    Figure 2. Select Account Mi
  3. Then click "Mi Cloud".
    Gambar 3. Klik Mi Cloud
    Figure 3. Click Mi Cloud
  4. Scroll down and select and click the active icon "Search device" so that it turns into color.
    Gambar 4. Klik tombol on/off Cari perangkat.
    Figure 4. Click on / off the Search device button.

  5. If there is a notification / message, click "OK".

    Gambar 5. Klik Oke
    Figure 5. Click OK
  6. Next visit through a web browser.
    Gambar 6. Tanda Fitur sudah aktif

    Figure 6. Feature mark is active

    Gambar 7.  Kunjungi alamat micloud
    Figure 7. Visit the micloud address
  7. Sign in using Mi Cloud account, click "Sign in with Mi Account".
    Gambar 8. Klik Sign in with Mi Account
    Figure 8. Click Sign in with Mi Account
  8. Sign in email and password and click "Sign in" to continue.
    Gambar 9. Masukkan email dan password
    Figure 9. Enter the email and password

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  9. Select the "Find device" menu.
    Gambar 10. Klik Find device
    Figure 10. Click on Find device
  10. Select the connected Xiaomi smartphone.
    Gambar 11. Pilih smartphone.
    Figure 11. Select a smartphone.
  11. Wait a moment to get the current smartphone location. After the location appears, the Find Device feature is working correctly.
    Gambar 12. Hasil Find Device.
    Figure 12. Find Device Results.
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How to Enable the Find Device Feature in HP Xiaomi
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