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How to increase android speed

By using android hp can help us do so many things, for example to play games, hear music, watch videos, chat email, chat on social media and many more others.

Increase Android speed

But unfortunately, the more applications that run, the storage in hp RAM will be full and will result in the slowing of the android system, marked by not responding to the screen and many applications that will force close.

Well, the good news is to free up storage space or speed up android performance very easily. In this article, we will give you how to free some memory space so that our phone will feel fast and have plenty of memory space to store your favorite photos, videos, music, apps and games.
Cara menambah kecepatan android
Increase Android speed

Here's how to increase the speed of android phone that began to slow down:

1. Uninstall Unused applications
If you have some apps that are not used anymore on Android phones, then uninstall the plication and will free up some hp memory space and improve android performance. To do so go to Settings -> Applications manager. And remove the unwanted apps.

2 Delete the Application Cache
We can also clear the application cache to alleviate hp performance. Clearing the cache removes temporary files from the app and thus can free up some space on the memoti. To do so, go to Settings manager> Applications, find the app that takes up the most space, and then press 'Clear cache'.

3. Upload Photos to Online Storage
Most photos take up a lot of space on a smartphone. Instead of storing them all on android phones, we can use cloud storage services like Google+ which automatically back up all photos in cloud storage. To enable sync, go to Menu> Photos> Auto-Backup. All the photos we upload can be viewed on a laptop or computer or other android device connected to your Google account.

4. Delete Unnecessary Files and Folders
Most people let the previously downloaded files on androidnya. These files consume a lot of space and the android device will not have the next downloadable storage space. Deleting unnecessary data regularly makes memory space more roomy. In this case, try an app called DiskUsage which helps us to find files and directories on storage cards that consume a lot of space. This app displays all the graphical information, making it easy to see which files or which content stores the most storage space. But be very careful when deciding to remove something viewed in DiskUsage.

5. Move Application and Media File to Memory Card
Moving apps and media files to SD card storage improves android performance. To move a supported application to sd card, You can use AppMgr III. This app is free to download and does not require root access. All we have to do is install this app in hp and run it. Please note that not all apps can be moved to external storage. Some apps need to be stored on internal storage.

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Android is the name of a mobile operating system owned by a large American company, Google. Android is the most widely used oprasi system on devices such as smartphones and tablets from a number of manufacturers offering users access to their own Google services, such as Search engines, YouTube sites, google Maps, Google mail and more.

This means we can easily search for information on the web, watch videos, find directions and write emails on your phone, just like you do on your computer, but there's more to Android than simple examples.

So how to speed up the performance of hp android is slow, thank you for reading our article. If you have any questions please write your comments below.

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How to increase android speed
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