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How to root android easily with one click - In this article I will share a trick on how to root android phone in the easy way. Before I start, I'll explain to you who do not know what root or rooting is. Rooting is a way for a system on android that has full access rights to change or manage and execute all files, commands, systems, in linux or android based operating systems. Well essentially, by doing this rooting has unlimited access that can change, delete, or add, even damage all that is in our android system.

Rooting android without a computer or laptop is easy. You must be wondering how to root Android without a PC with just one click. Well, some people think it's very hard to do rooting on Android phones and they think it takes a lot of tools. And they also have fear if later will lose data. You do not have to worry. Root in this way is very safe and the phone will not be damaged. But I will not be responsible about the warranty of the phone which will be lost in the root.

How to root android without a computer?

Rooting of previous Android phones is not easy. But with this new trick to root Android phones without this computer we can do it with just a few simple steps. Previously, we need to download some tool or application.

Root android menggunakan FramaRoot
Farmaroot Is the easiest and easiest application for root android phone without computer. We can root android device in one click only. We do not even need a computer. Supports Android phones with versions of Android 2-4.2.

Steps to root Android without PC With FramaRoot:

1. First Download App FramaRoot on your Android Phone.
2. Now install FramaRoot Application.
3. While installing Select "Install Superuser".
4. Then see the list above according to phone type. If the phone is not on the list then we can try exploiting it.
5. Now wait some time until installing the app.
6. It will now display a success message with Superuser and SU binary files already installed on our Android phone.
7. And the last part is to reboot our android phone.

Root android with Universal androot:

Before we start making sure that you activate the Unknown source installation. If not Go to Settings >> security and Check the Unknown sources option. Note: Usually each phone is different settings, you can look it up according to phone type.

1. Download universal androot and install.
2. If already installed then run the application, then select the android version of your phone.
3. Now press the Root button.
4. Reboot the phone.

How to check the phone already in the root?

There are many Android apps that show whether our phone is rooted. You can download the app from the play store to check the rooting status of the phone.

Download root checker Here And install. Now Run Root Checker. The application will check and will tell if we have root access or not. This app will also check and verify whether the super user or SU Binary has the correct function or not.

Applications for android already in Root 2017


Greenify Is one of the simplest and easy to use applications for root android. By using this application is quite effective in improving and increasing the battery life of your android device. With this one rooting app, you have the option to hibernate the app and allow the remaining apps like whatsapps and facebook to run normally.

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup Is one of the best android root applications you can use. This application serves to backup data in our cell phone ROM. In addition, it provides many options for backing up various applications. 

Smart Booster

Smart Booster Is one of the best applications for android that is already in the root. Do you ever feel the phone gets slow especially when playing games or ever feel the phone should be restarted because of heavy usage. By using this application then all applications that are not used will be stopped and the benefits for the phone is going to accelerate the performance of our android smartphone.


Link2Sd Is an application that is used to move applications or games that are in RAM and can move it to the phone's external memory. The advantage that we will feel is the phone feels faster because not much use of RAM memory.

So how do root or rooting android phone with easy way, with just one click then android smartphone, we will freely access android phone system. Hopefully useful yes, thank you for visiting and have read our article.

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How to root android easily with one click
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