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How To Track Lost HP Xiaomi Locations or Stolen Until Meet - Previous Intelligent Zones have been discussed about "Here's how to find the missing iPhone", Now discusses how to track or locate lost or stolen HP Xiaomi locations. There are a few conditions that must be owned or done by smartphone users Xiaomi that has a Mi Cloud account and enable Find Device feature on the old smartphone (the missing). Of course it is done before the smartphone is lost or stolen, therefore after buying a smartphone Xiaomi users should create an account and enable this feature. If not, then Do it now before anything happens to the smartphone.

How is the Tracking Concept So that HP Xiaomi Can Be Found?
Find Device feature is a feature that allows to know the location of the smartphone and store the location in the user's Mi Clound account. So if something happens or loses, then the user just goes in / logs in to Mi Cloud account and sees where the last recorded location in Mi Cloud records Or knows the current condition (if HP Xiaomi is active along with the Find Device feature).

How To Track Location of HP Xiaomi?
How to track the location of HP Xiaomi can be done easily, which can use a PC or smartphone Xiaomi or a smartphone other than Xiaomi. Please follow the steps below:
  1. Visit the Mi Cloud address ie And log in or log in using the Mi Cloud account.
    Gambar 1. Masuk ke Mi Cloud
    Picture 1. Sign in to Mi Cloud
  2. If it is successful, select the menu "Find Device".
    Gambar 2. Pilih Find Device
    Figure 2. Select Find Device.

  3. Next, choose the smartphone you want to track.
    Gambar 3. Pilih smartphone
    Figure 3. Select smartphone.
  4. Click "Locate Device" (if the smartphone is still alive), then the location will be tracked.
    Gambar 4. Klik Locate Device.
    Figure 4. Click Locate Device.
  5. Wait for the process to display the location of the smartphone.
  6. After getting the location, please approach or visit the location. Then click "Noise Mode" then the smartphone will automatically sound / sound even in a state of silent.
    Gambar 5. Klik Noise
    Figure 5. Click Noise.
Gambar 6. Klik Noise lagi
Figure 6. Click Noise again.
Gambar 7.  Klik "Ketuk Oke untuk heningkan" jika smartphonenya sudah ditemukan.
Figure 7. Click "Tap Okay to silence" if the smartphone has been found.

  1. If the smartphone is not found (maybe the sound is stopped by the thief), the user can lock the smartphone by clicking "Lost Mode".
    Gambar 8. Klik Lost mode.
    Figure 8. Click Lost mode.
  2. Click "Enable lost mode".
    Gambar 9. Klik enable lost mode.
    Figure 9. Click enable lost mode.
  3. Click "Lock".
    Gambar 10. Klik Lock.
    Figure 10. Click Lock.
  4. When the smartphone is found, then open the smartphone using a pre-made password (Mi Cloud account).
    Figure 11. The display on the Xiaomi smartphone is missing.
Gambar 12. Masukkan kata sandi akun Mi Cloud untuk membuka smartphone.
Figure 12. Enter your Mi Cloud account password to unlock your smartphone.
In addition:
  1. If the smartphone is not found as well and the user is afraid of the data being stolen or misused, then the user can delete the data remotely.
  2. Click "Wipe device".
    Gambar13. Klik Wipe device.
    Figure 13. Click Wipe device.
  3. Click "Wipe".
    Gambar 14. Klik Wipe.
    Figure 14. Click Wipe.

Last Addition:
Users can deliver messages to the thieves / inventors of lost smartphones by craving words while performing smartphone locks.
Gambar 15. Klik Set words.
Figure 15. Click Set words.
Gambar 16. Isi kata-kata dan nomor hp yang bisa dihubungi si penemu smartphone.

Figure 16. The contents of words and phone numbers that can be contacted the inventor of the smartphone.
Source by Zonacerdas.

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How To Track Lost HP Xiaomi Locations or Stolen Until Meet
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