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Latest Android Emulator - Everyone likes a lot of features from android, if you want to use Android app on your computer or laptop, now can. Now there are several ways you can do with some of the following emulators.

How does the emulator application work on android?

First of all, we have to go to Google Play and download certain emulators. Once done, we have to find the ROM directory and download the preferred game, while all ROM automatically download to SD card or Android internal memory. Sometimes ROM comes in .zip format (some emulator applications also support zip files) and in this case, we may need a good file manager application to support the file. After that, we can start the emulator application and in it we will find the ROM folder - most likely to be in / download /, sdcard / download / or ext_sd / download /. In this folder you will see the "Load ROM" option, and double tap and start it. Of course, emulator applications come in a variety of specifications and designs, and we should pay attention to all the details to play the game comfortably.
Emulator Android Terbaru 2017
Emulator android
Here is the android emulator for best computer or laptop 2017

AMIDuOS 2.0 uses Android 5.1 Lollipop, in addition to installing it on the Play Store for your laptop or computer, regardless of whether you're using Windows 7, 8 or 10. To use this OS in the first 30 days for free, but after that you can buy a lifetime license For the price of about $ 18.

AMIDuOs has many applications that are already tried and safe to use and provide continuous updates to ensure that Android apps can be used without any problem on your PC. 3D acceleration also makes Android games on PC faster, and you can even use a gamepad with AMIDuOS.

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AMIDuOS emulates an Android tablet complete with home screens, settings, sensors and touch screens. Your Android app can be displayed on a PC in a normal window or in full screen mode. The shared clipboard allows you to copy text on a PC and copy it into the Android emulator and vice versa. A common file system allows you to access a hard drive from an emulated Android device.

PPSSP - PSP Emulator
Most users have complained about the Android Portable PlayStation emulator app with the reason most of the games are not working properly. PPSSPP has undergone many changes from time to time to be equipped and polished to become the best emulator. With this emulator allows you to play free homebrew games or transfer from your PSP console. PPSSPP is built for powerful Android phones and will not be surprised if you experience occasional slow if you do not have the latest version of android.

Maybe you want to play some favorite arcade games from the past, but you do not have access to arcade cabinets that play games. If so, consider using MAME4droid - an emulator that supports a variety of arcade titles. Featuring the ability to use iCade and ICP external Icade arcade controllers and even Nintendo Wii Wiimote, MAME4droid allows you to take full control of your favorite arcade titles in new ways.

GENPlusDroid (Free)
If you want to play Sega Genesis's favorite games optimally, GENPlusDroid is the right emulator for you. Like most other emulators on this list, the physical Bluetooth / USB support controller is supported in addition to multiplayer support.

BlueStacks Android emulator, once supported by AMD, has been around since the end of 2011 and its developers have accumulated a lot of experience in using Android on the computer. The basic system is good for Windows or Mac OS. BlueStacks describes itself as "App Player".

Installation is done through the installation program, then launch BlueStacks and log into your Google account. Incidentally, BlueStacks emulates Android using Android 4.4.2 KitKat. BlueStacks visually looks like a tablet and shows the start screen after start, where many installed and recommended applications can be found.

Remix OS Player: emulator for Windows
Remix OS Player is a separate version of the OS remix, which works under Windows OS as a kind of virtual machine. The user interface is identical to stand alone, so you can find a UI optimized for laptops and desktops. The Android version used here is Android Marshmallow.

Later your app is installed through the Google Play Store, as well as purchased apps, also available here. The biggest difficulty with Remix Player is the problem with the keyboard, as some special characters placed that are not traditional are included in the QWERTY system. Passwords can be successful if the virtual keyboard is always displayed. May be acceptable for passwords only, but it is not very practical to write longer text. There are more emulator apps for Android available out there, but this is the best emulator for your android.

So the best android emulator 2017, thank you for reading and visiting our site. May be useful.

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