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Review Xiaomi Mi TV Bar - Now the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has branched out into television and some other technological devices. TV box has been popular when released by Apple with Apple TV and became a bestseller in the consumer market a few years ago. Other market competitors have tried to compete. Now there are hundreds of different TV Boxes out there to suit everyone's individual needs.
Review spesifikasi dan harga Xiaomi Mi TV Bar
Xiaomi Mi TV Bar

With Xiaomi being a competitor for major brands in China, they have come up with their own alternate versions with their TV box. In this article, we will review Mi TV Bar by Xiaomi and will discuss how the display, specifications and more. Our conclusions on the product will be discussed in conclusion at the end of the article. We hope you enjoy the review of Xiaomi Mi TV.

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Mi TV bar is the first product of its kind, this product is more than just a TV, with Mi TV bar you can operate your favorite devices like game consoles, DVD players, and more.

Xiaomi Mi TV Bar Specification

Before buying any product, it is important for us to know what exactly you are buying and what you want to do with it. Do you want to watch movies and TV shows? Do you want to stream video? Do you want to listen to music through your television? To help keep the mind at ease, we have compiled a list of specifications that will determine if this product is right for your home entertainment needs.
  • MStar 6A928 chip
  • Cortex-A17 Quad-core CPU
  • 4+4 core Mali-760 MP4 GPU
  • Quick speed
  • Stereo is built in
  • Great sound
  • 2GB DDR3 RAM
  • 8GB eMMC ROM
  • Amazing performance as well as reliability and security and great end-user experience
  • 2.4G/5G dual Wi-Fi
  • Wireless coverage
The above specs are fantastic, because they allow users to use the television to view photo albums and show health data from your Mi healthcare products if you want to have them. There is even a way to access content on mobile phones, laptops or tablets and can be viewed on television through the use of bars.

So no matter what you want to do with this device, all options are in your hands if you need them. You just have to make a final decision.

If you really think about putting a television screen in your living room, it serves as a computer monitor for your laptop or other products that can connect to the Mi TV bar. We think that all the features are really cool to have and hope that you will make your own judgment and be sure to tell us about your opinion.


Each product has a price and some of them have a discount. For Mi TV, there is a 41% discount of the market price. This makes the price of Mi TV for $ 362.33 in Australian currency. This is a fantastic price for a relatively new device. If we buy it, we will definitely take advantage of this cheap price before the bidding ends.


There are many products similar to Xiaomi Mi TV Bar. Here is a small list of the same products as Mi TV.
  • Km8 Pro Android 6.0 TV Box
  • X 96 TV Box Android 6.0 Player Online
  • KI PLUS S2 T2 TV Box Android 5.1.1
  • NEXBOX A95X - B7N TV BOX Quad Core Amlogic
  • H96 Ditambah 4K HD TV Box 64bit Android 5.1
  • Beelink X2 TV Box Decoding
We have not heard a bad thing about TV MI and for very good reasons. Actually very few reviews were done for Mi TV so we have decided to make our own judgment.

We believe in this product and would love to hear about the opinion there about the Mi TV bar, if you have bought it or know someone who owns one of those televisions. We just wanted to request to give this product a chance and notify your opinion in the short comment.

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