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Specifications Acer Aspire Predator - Acer as a vendor of computer technology and laptops has now issued a new varian variant of Acer Aspire Predator. Judging from its name, it is certain that this output has a high specification. According to its official website, Acer issued a Predator product for 4 areas of technology namely Desktops (computers), Laptops, Tablets and Monitors. Synonymous with the combination of Black and Red colors make this Acer product more wow and as the name implies.

Acer Desktops Predator
Currently for the Desktop has been released Predator G6 with its large power button in accordance with its ability overclocking so as to make a great game evic session. This version was already supports the game with the highest resolution of 4K. Viewed from the front side, this Predator provides ports that make it easier for gamers to play. While the back side is also equipped with ports are quite a lot. Playing games sometimes make our PC hot fast, but Acer eliminate it with IceTunnel. In addition, this Predator has an easy swap disk for heavy games with large capacity.
The predator is powered by the latest NVIDIA and Intel output devices with its Windows 10 Home operating system.
Acer Desktop Predator

CPU16th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-6700k processor
GPU1NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 980 Ti
RAM164GB DDR4 2133MHz

1 Specifications vary by region and model.

Acer Laptop Predator
If you want to play games anywhere, then this Predator Laptop can be your choice. Unlike the Desktop, this Predator Laptop has its own cooling system called Cooler Master which is attached to the laptop as it does its CD-ROM / SD-Card so it can be installed and unplugged. This laptop also comes with DoubleShotTM Killer technology that ensures cable connectivity Or your Wifi is safe. You also do not have to worry about stacking dust on the components of the laptop, because this Predator laptop is equipped with Dusdefender that prevent the formation of dust. For sound problems, this laptop is equipped with 4 speakers namely two subwoofer and Dolby® AudioTM for deep sound immersion. The operating system owned by this laptop is Windows 10 Home

CPU17th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor
GPU1NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 10701 8 GB
Screen Size117" Up to 4K

1 Specifications vary by region and model.

Acer Laptop Predator

Acer Tablets Predator
Acer has released Predator 8 tablets with sophistication on sound / sound, left and right sounds of tablets will adjust in any condition (potrait and landscape) with the help of 4 speakers it has.

Acer Tablet Predator

CPUIntel® Atom™ x7 processor
GraphicsIntel® HD Graphics
Screen Size8" FHD

Acer Monitor Predator
Acer makes predator monitors that are currently releasing the Predator X34 which is perfect for playing RPG games. The Predator Monitor also has good picture quality and is different from the typical monitor. Acer monitor is also said to eliminate stuttering when playing legendary games, because it is using NVIDIA technology. In addition, this monitor has a speed to refresh up to 100Hz.

Color GamutsRGB 100% Coverage
Screen Size34" Curved
AudioDTS® Sound 2 × 7w Speakers

Acer Monitor Predator
* Images and Information are sourced from Acer's official website.

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Specifications Acer Aspire Predator
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