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Speed up android performance - How do I get my android fast? Most questions like this are often asked by android users. When we first bought a smartphone android certainly the speed of performance is very fast. But when it's been for some time the usage will start the terrace slows down. No matter if the android is under the high end or low end category, every device starts to lag in its performance for some time. Events like this can be seen when the app takes a longer duration to respond to an app opening. Well, in the article we will give tips for you android users, how to speed up your android performance back.
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Android test speed

Identification of problems:
The first and foremost thing to know before heading to a solution is to know the exact cause of the problem. First, you need to know the exact cause of lagging from a device such as the app, or the system itself?

To handle this you should know how the cpu performance of the phone, the picture of the network traffic, the use of RAM. This analytics can be created with the help of Trepn Profiler, what is Trepn Profiler? This app will monitor the performance of cpu android phone.

Once you know the reasoning behind the problem you can easily get rid of it. Just follow the steps below to speed up android performance.

First we will see an easy step to smooth your device. These steps do not require external applications.

Step 1: updating your device firmware helps in fixing some bugs, adding new features and looking for other things. Since updating the handset fixes any issues, the optimal performance of the device will be assured.

Step 2: Internal memory storage plays an important role in the performance of any device. Your phone may experience lagging due to its low internal memory. So, by moving data from internal storage to external memory will be very effective. Using the link2sd app

Step 3: before heading to this step, make sure that you back up all important data. Reinstall android device brings back to its original condition.

Step 4: android users usually download many apps and games they use, so removing unused apps can help you speed up the performance of android devices.

Step 5: The last step that most people do not like because it is a risky process is rooting your Smartphone. But now for rooting this phone is not as risky as it used to be.

All of these are simple steps to speed up your device without using any third party app. These steps often work but the solution may be temporary. So we can even opt for some external apps that prevent your phone from lagging problems.

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How to increase RAM android

RAM is an essential component of android phones. RAM processes better speed and performance than mobile phones. In order to ensure that your device is fast enough, the device processor must have more storage capacity for processing temporary files, ie your device should have more RAM space.

Low RAM space can affect the performance of your android device. This is the main reason why your device does not have speed and performance. So if you want to get rid of a lagging device you can improve RAM performance from your android device.

Well, now we know the reason of why our android is slow, the question arises that how can we increase RAM on Android phone? And the answer to your question, yes we can do it. There are two methods that can help you to increase RAM from android device. With this you can play heavy games and run various other applications on android devices, but the performance of the device depends on the processor and other hardware as well.

How to increase RAM in android phone?

Increasing RAM does not mean adding additional hardware to the device. This is done with the help of some third party applications or by other means. As mentioned earlier, there are two methods to increase RAM size, the former includes external applications to do so and can be done only on rooted android, both done manually and also work without having to root, ie the RAM size increases by doing some tasks Manual.

Method 1. The first method involves increasing RAM size with the help of external applications. For this you need to download RAM expander app from Google playstore. SWAP (ROEHSOFT RAM expander) is like an app that can help you increase RAM from your android device.

A) Check Compatibility:
Application compatibility tools must be checked before installing this app. In order to perform this task you need to install the test app, MemoryInfo & Swapfile check.

How does it work?

Well, this RAM expander app converts SD card memory into RAM, now your SD card will function as virtual RAM for your android device. This is how to increase RAM on your android device.

  • After your device compatibility for confirmed SWAP you can download this application.
  • Choose a suitable language.
  • Click Swap on and make it possible to create Swap files.
  • A gray box can be observed on your screen and enable SWAP by simply clicking on the box.
  • And now your android device has increased RAM and can provide better performance than ever before.

Note: With this method, RAM can be expanded up to 4 GB.

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