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5 Android Games For Child Education

Children are a time when a human being to learn from his environment either from seeing activity or listening activity. Children's activities of childhood are very influential for her adult life. Children who since childhood have been accustomed to learning then when mature is certainly not difficult anymore to learn, but will be difficult for children who since childhood is not accustomed to learn. There are so many ways to educate children to be smart, obedient, enterprising or careful and of course in educating them, the role of parents is very important. The family as the first learning place for children, then the parents must give a good example and do a good education as well.

Education Through Games

Games are generally used more to make players happy or games used as a medium to relieve stress. But not infrequently also we find the games contained the value of education in the game. A simple but educational game that is what many parents are looking for to help with their children's education. Educational games have long existed, but of course the game is manual with the help tool is the goods around the environment such as beams, media images, and stationery. Along with the times, many games have been changed in the form of technology such as the presence of game applications for both computers and for mobile.

5 Android Games For Child Education

Studio-Info tries to summarize ten android games devoted to children's education. The actual android games are still many and you can search on the Goolgle Play Store. Here are 5 games android for children's education Studio-Info suggest:

[1] Marbel Learning Alphabet Letters

Know the letters tentunnya early things that must be given to the children so they in the future fast to be able to read or say the word, at least call / say the word "Daddy" and "Mother". Marbel Learning Alphabet is an android game created by Educa Studio. This game aims to introduce to the children about the letters through games such as guessing letters, broken balloon letters, bubble letters, guess shadows, picture guessing quizzes, catch the letters, and jigsaw puzzles. But in addition to the game, letters recognition material also exists and complete with the sound of the way of pronunciation of the letters. For parents who want to know the letters to their children, then please use this game. Download / Install on Google Play

[2] Learning 123 + Sounds

After the children are introduced to the letters, they must also be introduced to the numbers. Manual number recognition can be done by stationery or can use the application "Learn Figures 123 + Sound" as a mediation. This game contains materials to learn to recognize numbers starting with zeros to nine (0-9) and then dozens, tens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and millions. After introducing the numbers, children can be invited to play like a magic bulb, play number trucks, play bianglala, play figure figures, fly balloons, play fish ponds, play fun and play meteor.Download / Install on Google Play

[3] Marbel Learning to Write

It's incomplete if the child is not taught how to write, especially how to write letters and numbers. After Child knows how to pronounce letters and numbers, then the next child should be taught how to write letters and write numbers. The "Marbel Learning Writing" application is an application that will help parents to teach their children to write letters, numbers, animal names, fruit names, and write different colors. In addition to writing lectures, the game also erdapat narration for children who are not yet adept at reading and there are also animations of interest and simulation of the use of mobile phones for children. Download / Install on Google Play

[4] Marbel Learning Family Tree

After the child has the ability to read, write and speak letters or numbers, then the child should be introduced to the family tree. It is very useful for children to know sissilah family like father, mother, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather and other siblings. When playing, parents should also tell the child directly the person / family so that the child can remember the face and surname. This game is also available family tree in the form of family tree and there are also animation and narration to facilitate parents in using it.Download / Install on Google Play

[5] Learning Coloring Drawings

The child's early stage of the child's intelligence is enough with the child being able to read, write, and say the word, but it is good that the child is also equipped with other skills such as coloring skills. Skill in childhood also affects when an adult child, for example, when the child is small colored then in adult time there will be opportunities to become a painter. Of course, the success of children will be achieved if there are parents who always guide and direct it. The "Learning Coloring Drawing" game created by Roda from Jember provides learning coloring of some of the available images. Colored images are pictures of animals, cakes, people, vehicles and also objects that exist around us.Download / Install on Google Play

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5 Android Games For Child Education
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